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Dry eye syndrome

If a person has dry eye syndrome, then he should definitely get acquainted with all the available recommendations, which should be followed in order not to aggravate the general state of health. First and foremost, it is worth noting that such people should avoid drafts. A healthy lifestyle is another recommendation, which, in principle, applies to anyone who wants to maintain their health for many years. In no case such patients can not be located near heating devices. If you see that the room in which you are located is very dry air, then use the help of a sprayer and moisten it.

In the presence of this syndrome, it is very important to protect the eyes from the sun, which is why it is necessary to wear glasses during the summer period. The existing recommendations can also be attributed to the fact that in the presence of dry eye syndrome, the patient must both eat rationally and consume a huge amount of fluid. Do not forget about certain rules for reading and working at the computer. Being behind these occupations it is very important to allow your eyes to rest after every twenty minutes. Rest should continue for at least five minutes, after which you can return to the work begun.

In the presence of dry eye syndrome, it is necessary to completely abandon contact lenses, observe all the rules of eye hygiene, use drugs in time to improve corneal epithelization. If, in addition to this ailment, the patient has some other disease, then he can be treated only under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

In most cases, ophthalmologists prescribe the so-called artificial tear drops in the fight against dry eye syndrome. The constant use of this kind of medicine, no doubt, facilitates the general well-being of patients. First of all, such drops relieve discomfort from the eye area, while the patient begins to feel much better. To date, there are two types of such drops – some of them are liquid, while others are more dense. In the first case, the therapeutic effect persists for a fairly short period of time. Using the thicker drops, the patient can ensure the necessary therapeutic effect for a longer period of time, and all because it is characteristic of such drops to remain on the surface of the eye for much longer.

When choosing this kind of drops, it is very important to ensure that there are no preservatives in their composition. Drops of artificial tears that do not contain preservatives, soothe the eyes more effectively, as they do not contain irritating substances. It is very important to pay attention to the fact that the drops are not very quickly had a therapeutic effect. The fact is that such drops tend to narrow the conjunctival vessels, which is undesirable to allow in the case of dry eye syndrome.

Be sure to consider all these recommendations. Get drops, drop them and follow the reaction of your body. If you see that you don’t need help of this kind of drops very often, then it’s best to stop your choice on special helium preparations. They will help to get rid not only of dryness, but also of pain, irritation, and redness of the eyes.

The reasons for the development of dry eye syndrome are actually abound. As a rule, the disease occurs in representatives living in large cities, and all because they equip their homes with air conditioners, spend an enormous amount of time at the computer, wear contact lenses, and so on. Let’s look at each of these reasons in more detail.

Let’s start with the air conditioner.
How does it cause the development of this disease?
The fact is that the air coming from the air conditioner is very dry. As a result, it causes dry eyes. To prevent the development of this condition, it is necessary to use humidifiers.

Computer – another reason for the development of dry eye syndrome. In this case, electromagnetic radiation has a negative effect on the eyes. It is necessary to draw the attention of all readers to the fact that in this case, the negative impact is not only on the eyes, but also on the entire human body as a whole.

If we talk about contact lenses, then they tend to close not only the entire cornea, but also a strip of tissue around it. Soft lenses are especially harmful to human eyes. It is best to discard their use immediately.

To provoke the development of dry eye syndrome may some pharmaceuticals, which tend to reduce pressure. It can be both birth control pills and tranquilizers, as well as antidepressants. Failure to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, poor ecology, and tight diets – all these are also factors that can cause the development of this kind of syndrome.

Dry eye syndrome is a complex disease that occurs as a result of a decrease in both the quality and quantity of the tear fluid. A tear fluid tends to form a special tear film. This film is inherent in a number of functions. It not only nourishes, but also protects the eyes. In addition, it is inherent and optical action.

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?
The very first symptom of this disease is considered to be the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. At first, the existing discomfort is accompanied by excessive tearing. It is then combined with a feeling of dryness. In addition, the main signs of the presence of this syndrome is considered to be a burning sensation, pain, fear of light, reduced visual acuity in the evening. By the way, burning and pain in the eyes appear, as a rule, when exposed to smoke, conditioning air, wind, and so on. In the presence of this syndrome, patients quite often complain that they are experiencing very severe pain and burning in the eye area at the moment when fairly harmless eye drops, such as dexamethasone solution or chloramphenicol solution, are instilled into them.

The complete absence of lacrimal meniscus at the edges of the eyelids is another clear sign of the presence of this syndrome. At the site of the lacrimal meniscus, a very dim or swollen conjunctiva is noted in patients. In some cases, doctors identify in these patients the remnants of epithelial filaments, pieces of mucus, air bubbles and other microscopic particles, which at first glance are invisible.

It often happens that in order to regain normal vision, a person has to seek help from plastic surgery of the eye. As a rule, all cosmetic operations on the eyelids are very dangerous, but at the same time highly effective. Their danger lies in possible complications. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of such complications, so when deciding on an operation a person must understand that, having got rid of one illness, he may acquire another.

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most frequent complications of cosmetic surgery on the eyelids. This syndrome is accompanied by a number of far from the most pleasant symptoms. In most cases, it is observed in all those patients who underwent surgery, during which they have eliminated excess wrinkles and folds, both from the upper and lower eyelids. Mostly they are representatives of the fair sex over the age of forty.

A study was conducted in which about a hundred people took part. All these people had an operation in the fight against lagophthalmos. Well, about half of these people after surgery after a short period of time developed dry eye syndrome. In both cases, to get rid of the symptoms of this syndrome, patients are offered special drops that help restore the tear film. As a rule, a gel called Vidisik comes to the rescue.

From the above, one conclusion can be made: dry eye syndrome is a really frequent complication of various cosmetic operations on the eyelids.


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