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Fear is full

Any losing weight in theory it seems to us simple and easy, is not it? There is less, more exercise – it would seem, what could be easier?

But if it is really that simple, why is it that such a huge number of people cannot lose weight and bring themselves back to normal?

Well, according to psychologist Daphne Cooper from Cape Town, who spoke at a seminar on weight loss at the South African Institute of Physical Culture, for many of us on the path to harmony is fear.

Cooper identified several important factors:
one. Our memory is arranged in such a way that at a certain moment it draws from the depths memories of the image and diet of our ancestors, certain patterns that are embedded in us at a subconscious level. The brain seems to signal: "To date, the threat of food deprivation (ie, diet) is so strong that the body is in a panic".

2 Another problem is the fact that food brings us pleasure, which means that the very thought of abandoning the usual foods or a certain amount of food already causes stress. "A sharp transition to a diet is the worst way to lose weight, because so you fall into a state of panic associated with fear, stress and anxiety." – the psychologist approves.

3 Most of us believe that we need to perceive the situation as it is, and nothing can be changed. Such people put up with their weight, blaming it all on hereditary predisposition to completeness, give up, feeling that it’s just "stuck" at a certain stage. This situation provokes depression and stress, which leads to even greater fullness. After all, behind all this lies the fear of changing something, starting, trying, and what if failure?

four. All images in the media that carry us the message that possess skinny "model appearance" so beautiful, in fact are a serious cause for concern. Indeed, for most of us, the achievement of these "perfect" parameters is simply impossible. Another trick, a sweet bait, is the advertisement of various fast-food restaurants: everywhere we see beautiful, slim, smart young people of model appearance enjoying unhealthy fast-food meals. Naturally, any comparison with the picture of any of us will drive into depression! But you should always remember that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

five. People often tend to postpone all important events on "then". For example, we are not going on a date or are embarrassed to sunbathe on the beach just because of excess weight, promising ourselves that we will soon lose weight and everything will change. It is because of this, according to Cooper, that we put ourselves in a terrible situation, and also spend a lot of energy, constantly engaging in self-flagellation and thinking about how things would be if we were slim.

6 Another factor is fear and disgust towards oneself. Just think for a minute what you say to yourself mentally when you are standing in front of the mirror, with what disgust you look at the extra folds! All these remorse to the good will not bring, but only exacerbate the situation.

Research confirms the fact that stress is directly related to weight gain. When you experience stress, the brain sends a signal to the adrenal glands to release cortisol, a vital hormone that is involved in metabolism and the development of stress reactions. Scientists have concluded that a high level of cortisol increases appetite, hunger and the frequency of meals, and, as a result, increases body fat.

According to Cooper, it’s not so much the food that makes us full, but the fears and the stress that follows them.

"Love is the opposite of fear"- says Daphne Cooper, noting that our first priority in losing weight is to expand our boundaries of love.

The psychologist urges to always pay attention to what we say to ourselves. In proof of this, she refers to the words of Martha Beck – the killer, the heroine of the film "Lonely Hearts" – that each of us "dictator" and "crybaby" inside.

"Dictator" – this is the strict part of us, which reminds of itself, as soon as we have in our hand a piece of chocolate cake that part, which constantly convinces us to go on a diet from Monday. "Crybaby" – this is the opposite, stating: "I don’t care / I don’t want"that allows you to feel sorry for yourself, indulge in whims and be indulgent to your "food" desires.

To win the fight, so to speak, become an observer. In other words, take control of the situation, otherwise your actions will be regulated "dictator" or "naughty child".

Cooper leads other methods of dealing with fear:

  • Fall in love with life! Discover all that is new and unknown, look at familiar things with different eyes, fill your soul with love. After all, as soon as you find inner harmony, immediately there is time for proper nutrition and regular exercise.
  • Deep breathing is one of the most effective relaxation techniques. If you are in a stressful situation, rather slowly take a few deep breaths – this will help to relax and calm down. After all, there is nothing so effective that can bring you peace of mind and composure.
  • Make your choice. Understand that in life there is always a choice, and there are no hopeless situations. Do not constantly think that you need to do something, do something quietly think about the action plan and start implementation.
  • Do not fall for the lies! Learn to contrast truth with images imposed by the media; replace fake standards with real concepts of beauty and health.
  • Enjoy life and what you eat. Let your life be full of pleasant impressions and pleasure!

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