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Finalgon ointment – instructions for use, analogues, price and reviews

Final It is a drug that has an irritating and at the same time analgesic effect. It has a local effect – that is, it is used only externally, and does not have any systemic effects. It is used to create enhanced blood flow in the area of ​​application, or to achieve analgesia as well as some specific area of ​​the body.

Doctors and pharmacists include this ointment as a means of stimulating the receptors of the mucous membranes, skin and subcutaneous tissues.

Composition, description and release form

The drug Finalon is produced in the form of an ointment, which is packaged in aluminum tubes of 20 or 50 g. The tube of ointment is equipped with a special applicator, which is intended for applying the drug with a thin layer. The ointment was developed by the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim International, GmbH, and is produced at the plant facilities of the concern Globopharm Pharmazeutische Produktions und Handelsgesellschaft, GmbH.

Ointment Finalgon may be colorless, or painted in a light brownish tint. The composition is transparent or translucent, all components are thoroughly mixed – so there should not be flakes, pieces, crystals and other impurities in the ointment that violate its uniformity. Consistency – homogeneous, soft.

The composition of the ointment Finalgon includes two active substances – nonivamide and nicoboxyl. Both of these substances have the same effect, mutually reinforcing the effect of each other. One gram of ointment Finalgon contains 4 mg of nonivamide and 25 mg of nicoboxil.

To create an optimal consistency of the ointment and to improve the safety of the active properties of the active substances, as well as to facilitate penetration into the skin and prolong the effects, a special combination of excipients is used. As auxiliary components in the ointment Finalgon are used:

  • diisopropyl adipate (crodamol) – 20 mg per 1000 mg
  • petrolatum – 822 mg per 1000 mg
  • sorbic acid – 2 mg per 1000 mg
  • citronella oil – 2 mg per 1000 mg
  • deionized water – 5 mg per 1000 mg.

The number of auxiliary components of the ointment Finalgon is indicated on 1000 mg, that is, 1 g. This means that each gram of the ointment contains just such a quantitative ratio of substances (both active and auxiliary). Instead of vaseline in the formulation of the ointment can be used a special soft paraffin of white color, intended for use in any medical devices.

Therapeutic effect

Finals have been successfully used for several decades, always leading to good results. The combination of nonivamide and nikoboksil allows you to achieve the effect of a strong expansion of blood vessels, and each substance enhances the action of the other, so their total effect is strongly pronounced.

In general, Finalgon ointment has the following effects:
one. Distracting effect.
2 Analgesic effect
3 Anti-inflammatory effect.

The effect of the expansion of blood vessels is based on the diffusion of the active components of the ointment Finalgon into the deep skin layers, where interaction with special receptors leads to the achievement of analgesic action. A strong expansion of blood vessels leads to a strong increase in blood circulation in the treated area, which is accompanied by redness, burning sensation, warmth and muscle relaxation. The effect of muscle relaxation is important, because as a result, the nutrition of organs and tissues improves, and the pain sensation directly caused by muscle spasm is also removed. The elimination of muscle tension significantly improves blood flow, nutrition and metabolism in cartilage, which is important in the treatment of osteochondrosis and traumatic damage to the structures of the musculoskeletal system.

Improving the metabolism in cartilage and the elimination of muscle squeezing allows you to speed up the process of recovery of the body. The restoration of the structure of cartilage and muscle tissue is significantly accelerated with the joint use of Finalgon and preparations from the group of chondroprotectors. In addition, due to the relaxation of the muscles, the effect of improving the mobility of the affected part of the body is achieved.

Nonivamide is a substance that is an analogue of the alkaloid of hot red pepper – capsaicin. It exerts its analgesic effect by slowly penetrating deep into the skin, and from there to the sensitive nerve endings (A-delta and C-fibers). As a result, the sensory nerve endings are blocked, the pain impulse is not transmitted to the brain, and the person stops feeling pain. Nonivamide also greatly expands blood vessels, which is accompanied by a strong feeling of warmth, which can turn into intense burning.

Nicoboxyl is a derivative of vitamin Bfive – nicotinic acid. This substance activates prostaglandins, which have a vasodilating effect. Nikoboksil leads to a strong increase in blood flow in the treated area, which causes rapid and intense redness.

Nonivamid and nikoboksil strengthen action of each other. The development of redness and temperature increase on the surface of the skin suggests that the active components of the ointment Finalgon successfully penetrated the skin, and began to exert its effects. The effect of the drug appears only within the treated area of ​​the skin ointment. The effect develops within a few minutes after applying the ointment to the skin, and the maximum strength of the active substances appears after 20-30 minutes.

Absorption, distribution and elimination


There are absolute and relative contraindications to the use of Finalgon. Absolutely contraindicated use of the ointment in children under 12 years of age, as well as in people with sensitivity or allergy to any component of the drug (auxiliary or main).

Relative contraindications are some conditions in the presence of which it is better to refrain from applying Finalgon. Ointment should not cover thin or sensitive skin, the surface of an open wound, any inflammation of the skin. Also, carefully, in very small quantities should be applied to the skin, which is highly permeable to the active components of the composition. These are the skin of the neck, lower abdomen and inner thighs.

Instructions for use

Before applying Finalgona on the area of ​​skin that needs treatment, it is necessary to test. To do this, literally a drop of ointment is applied to a small area of ​​the skin, and a person’s reaction is evaluated. If you do not develop manifestations of allergy or hypersensitivity, then the drug can be fearlessly used. Also, the sample allows to assess the individual sensitivity to the ointment, since to achieve the desired effect, each person must apply a different amount of the therapeutic composition. As a result of the test, you can set the amount of funds needed for a particular person. It is necessary and sufficient that amount of ointment, which will provide the effect of heating the skin.

Ointment Finalgon needs to be applied on skin only by means of the special applicator. The maximum amount of ointment that is applied at one time on a skin area whose area is approximately equal to that of a person’s palm is a column 5 mm high extruded from a tube. The ointment is rubbed into the skin with light massaging movements. After applying the product to a skin area, it can be covered with a warm cloth to enhance the effect.

When the drug is applied to the same place repeatedly, addiction develops and sensitivity decreases. In this case, it is necessary to increase the amount of ointment, rubbed into this area of ​​the skin. Final can be applied up to 3 times per day.

Apply ointment for quick "warming up" muscle should be carried out half an hour before the start of exercise.

If the effect does not appear within 10 days of regular use, you should contact your doctor.

After applying the ointment, wash your hands with soap and water. Persons with sensitive skin should work with the drug in gloves. Avoid getting the ointment in the eyes or on the mucous membranes, as this is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. You should also refrain from water procedures (bath or shower) after application of the product, especially for patients with sensitive skin.

Excessive amount of ointment is removed from the skin using a greasy emulsion – cream, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, etc. Excessive amount of the drug or excessive rubbing of the skin can lead to the formation of a burn, and also be accompanied by a strong and unpleasant burning sensation.

Sweating or warm wrapping of the Finalgone site can lead to the development of redness and a feeling of warming up of the skin even a few hours after the procedure.

Finalgon does not directly affect the ability to concentrate. However, its use should be wary of driving and various mechanisms.

Ointment Finalgon does not interact with other drugs, so it can be used as part of complex therapy in combination with other local or systemic drugs.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Ointment Finalgon has not passed clinical trials, so there is no proven and reasonable evidence about whether the composition has any negative effect on the body of a pregnant woman or child. Therefore, the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.

To date, it has not been established whether the components of the drug pass into breast milk and whether they have any effect on its quality.

Finalgon to children

The use of ointment Finalgon for the treatment of children under 12 years of age is prohibited. Since the age of 12, the ointment can be applied with caution, carefully adjusting the dosage, and following the child’s psycho-emotional state, his reaction to burning skin. If the child normally tolerates burning and redness of the skin under the influence of Finalgon ointment, then the composition can be used. If the child does not tolerate the effects of the ointment, it is better to abandon its use.

Children involved in sports who wish to use Finalgon to warm up their muscles or eliminate pain from injuries should also be guided by the individual tolerance of the ointment. If the tolerance is normal, then the ointment can be used, but if the child feels severe discomfort (physical or psychological), then Finalgon is not recommended.


It may seem strange to many, but the Finalgone may lead to the development of an overdose. Overdose is accompanied by the development of local (skin) and systemic symptoms, which are reflected in the table:

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