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Fitobochki and their effects on the body

What is phyto barrels?

Currently, a widespread home procedure called phytobath, or phytosauna. This is not an invention of today: the healing properties of heated steam enriched with phytoncides and essential oils of plants have been known since ancient times. The only innovation can be considered only that now "to go" at bathhouse or you can sauna without leaving your own apartment.

To do this, you need a special container – phyto barrels. Most often it is made of cedar wood, because it contains a huge amount of healing substances. There are several modifications of the barrels (vertical and horizontal, round and square, hollowed out of the whole piece and made according to the cooper technology), but their main essence is always preserved – it is an airtight wooden container into which a person completely immerses, leaving only the head outside.

In the special compartment of the barrel is mounted steam generator. It is necessary for heating water or decoction of plants to such a temperature, when steam begins to form. Through special openings, lightly cooled steam is fed into the inner space of the barrel, where a person is sitting.

It is noteworthy that the phytobox occupies very little space and can even be located in city apartments, offices and gyms. It works on AC power and does not require sewage and water supply. Given the cost-effectiveness and ergonomics of the phyto barrels, this device has been used successfully in many SPA-salons and massage rooms.

The action of phytochips on the body

How is the spa treatment in phytobot?

The procedure in the phyto barrel takes 15-20 minutes. However, before plunging into fragrant vapors, you need to carry out a small preparatory stage, during which the steam generator is warmed up and broths of herbs or water with aroma oils diluted in it are poured into it aromatherapy.

If the phytosauna is being made for general health purposes, then it does not really matter which herb or oil to use. Here you can be guided by your own preferences, choosing according to the principle "like – not like".

However, in cases where the procedure is performed with a specific purpose, it is better to take seriously the selection of herbal mixtures. If there is no idea what fees or oils are suitable for treating a particular problem, then it is better to buy ready-made formulations in a pharmacy or to consult with a herbalist first.

For example, with skin problems, decoctions from birch leaves, celandine, chamomile, calendula, and calendula leaves have a good effect. Broths or oils of fir, pine, eucalyptus, tea tree, thyme, peppermint are often used to treat colds of the respiratory tract. To normalize the nervous system, you can use lavender, rosemary, hops, lemon, geranium.

An important point is the preparation of your own body for the adoption of the phytobany. To do this, it should be thoroughly washed with soap (body gel in this case is undesirable to use), and then wipe dry.

Preparation of phyto barrels is simple. For hygienic reasons, each time before carrying out the procedure, the barrel must be treated with a special detergent intended for wood. The barrel provides the ability to adjust the seat height. Next, pour herbal decoction into the steam generator, set the required temperature on it (the recommended temperature is 40-45 o С) and plug it into the socket.

Over the next 10 minutes, the air in the barrel is heated and saturated with vapors of herbs, after which you can proceed to the procedure itself. To do this, you need an assistant who closes the door and cover, covers the barrel with a blanket, wraps a towel around the bathers neck and adjusts the temperature of the steam. To prevent burns on the skin, on the seat, and if desired, and under the feet, you can put a terry towel. When all these manipulations are done, you can plunge into bliss and relax completely.

By the way, for greater efficiency and better body cleansing, it is recommended to drink a glass of pure, non-carbonated water, fresh juice or herbal tea half an hour before phytosauna. At the end of the session, it is also advisable to drink herbal tea with honey, and after 15-20 minutes – rinse the body under a warm or cool shower without soap. Previously, this should not be done, because after the procedure, phytoncides and essential oils continue for some time to actively penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and exert their beneficial effect. At this stage it is very useful to make a massage of the limbs, neck, abdomen, and, if possible, the whole body. After a session in the phyto barrel, the body is as relaxed as possible and is perfectly prepared for massage, therefore, the benefits of it will be even more significant.

Indications for phytobox

A phyto barrel can be used in two directions – as a remedy and as a general healing procedure.

The list of indications for treatment is huge, it includes the following diseases:
one. All types of pathology of muscles, joints, ligaments, spine in the subacute stage or in the recovery period
2 Chronic rheumatoid arthritis without exacerbation
3 Dermatitis, diathesis, eczema, psoriasis in remission
four. Prevention of colds and bronchopulmonary diseases, as well as the period of recovery from these diseases
five. Impaired peripheral circulation, hypertension (up to stage IIa inclusive), hypotension
6 Phlebeurysm
7 Liver, kidney diseases
eight. Pathology of the urogenital sphere – prostatitis, impotence, weakening of erection, urethritis, cystitis
9. Obesity, Cellulite
ten. Neuroendocrine diseases
eleven. Severe menopause in men and women
12. Adolescent functional disorders caused by puberty
13. Neurosis in children and adults, chronic insomnia
14. Anxiety, depressive syndrome
15. Vegetative dystonia
sixteen. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
17 Reduced immunity
18. Recovery from injuries and fractures.

In addition, the sessions in the phyto barrel help to rejuvenate the skin, restore its tone, elasticity and elasticity, recover from strong physical or mental stress, cleanse the body of harmful substances. As a preventive measure, a phytobox can be used to prevent neurological and cardiovascular pathologies, osteochondrosis, gout, and many other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The procedure is allowed to be carried out both for children over 5 years old and for adults of any age with no contraindications.

Contraindications to phytobox

In the presence of the following diseases and conditions, conducting sessions in the phyto barrel should be postponed for some time or should be abandoned altogether:

  • Any neoplasms, but especially malignant
  • Increased body temperature (more than 37.5 o С)
  • Inflammatory diseases in the acute stage
  • Monthly or bleeding of any localization
  • Tuberculosis of the lungs or other organs
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • Deep vein inflammation
  • Skin diseases in the acute stage
  • Hypertension above stage IIa
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Condition after a recent stroke, heart attack
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

How often can I go to the sauna with phyto barrels?

Considering that during the session the head remains outside and, consequently, it does not heat up, the load on the body is much less than when visiting a regular bath or sauna. Therefore, you can visit the fitosaun even every other day.

If the body does not respond well to this procedure, then you need to conduct sessions a little less, for example, once or twice a week. Of course, in this case, the cure for diseases will occur a little slower, but the principle should act here: "Better less, but better".

Children 3-5 years old will be enough one or two procedures per week. The same applies to older or weakened people after illness.

It is best to increase the procedure time gradually, over 5-7 sessions. It should start with a 5-minute session, and then the duration can be increased to 15-20 minutes. More than this period to be in the phytosauna does not make sense, because in the first 10 minutes there is an active sweating and cleansing of cells from slags, and in the subsequent time there is only condensation of steam on the body and active absorption of useful components from herbal decoctions or aroma oils.

The duration of the treatment course is determined individually for each person. This takes into account the initial state of health, age, tolerance of thermal procedures, etc. That is why sessions should be carried out only after consulting a doctor.

Fitobochka for weight loss

Among modern SPA procedures aimed at harmonizing the appearance, the sessions in the phyto barrel take one of the leading positions. And this is absolutely true, because the multilateral effect of the procedure, combined with the beneficial effects of herbs and increased perspiration, very effectively help to reduce weight and get rid of cellulite.

To achieve a stable result, it is desirable to use several methods for losing weight at the same time. For example, eat diet food, perform a set of physical exercises, and once every 2 days do a phytosaun. In this case, lose weight will be much faster.

Before the procedure, it is not recommended to take any food, but if you are very tormented by hunger, you can eat a light salad or a small portion of sugar-free cottage cheese. But to do an easy exercise or a little work out at the gym is even very welcome. Exercise will warm up and prepare the body for phytosauna.

Immediately before entering the fitobochka you need to wash yourself under a warm shower with soap and then thoroughly dry the body with a soft towel.

As the main active substance that is added to the water for the steam generator, you should choose such herbs or oils that accelerate the metabolism, normalize hormones, tighten the skin and give it elasticity. And it is also desirable to add a component that would eliminate depression and improve mood. After all, a decrease in the emotional background is a fairly frequent satellite of people struggling with fullness.

In order to determine the choice of composition for phyto barrels, you need to take into account the basic properties of plants:

  • Anise perfectly tightens the skin, removes its flabbiness, effectively fights depression and mood swings.
  • Oil or decoction of orange peel has a tonic effect on the nervous system, and also perfectly removes the symptoms of cellulite. In addition, orange oil promotes faster recovery of skin cells.
  • Grapefruit reduces swelling, fights cellulite, reduces anxiety.
  • Jasmine improves the appearance of the skin, gently cares for skin with increased sensitivity and a tendency to irritation, restores skin elasticity and natural look.
  • Ylang-ylang has a rejuvenating effect, tightens and tones the skin, reduces nervous tension, effectively fights against stress.
  • Cypress reduces the severity of spider veins in problem areas.
  • Lemon gives a burst of energy, whitens the skin, strengthens the capillaries, smoothes wrinkles, fights cellulite and obesity.
  • Juniper is effective for stretching and cellulite.
  • Neroli has a rejuvenating and toning effect, tightens the skin, improves its elasticity, prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Patchouli, fennel and rosemary are effective remedies for flabby skin, the main components for body contouring, increase the elasticity of the skin.

During the procedure, the body will actively lose water and clean the cells from the accumulated toxins and toxins. Clean skin breathes better, and, therefore, the metabolism accelerates, fat cells break down faster, and the process of losing weight goes faster.

Sitting in a phyto barrel for longer than 20 minutes is undesirable, since the body may not cope with increased heat load and increased perspiration. Therefore, after this time, you need to end the session. After that, it is recommended to drink a cup or two of green or herbal tea, for example, with chamomile or oregano. Do not be afraid to drink liquid after phytosauna, because the body needs it to complete the work of all organs and systems. The main effect of weight loss occurs mainly not due to the loss of fluid, but due to enhanced fat burning, excretion of toxins and activating the metabolism.

In addition, you should not wipe the body after the procedure. If it is very wet, you can slightly blot it with a towel, and no more. The fact is that the substances for which oils and herbs were used continue to act on the skin cells for about 20 minutes. If you wipe dry the body, and even more rinse under a shower, the effect of herbal teas will stop, and the efficiency of the phytosauna will be much lower.

30 minutes after the procedure, you can go into the shower and rinse the body with warm water without soap. Next, it is recommended to lie down for half an hour or massage the problem areas with aroma oil.

And one moment. During the whole course you should not take alcohol and cold drinks, as well as take a cold shower after phytosauna. All this blocks the release of sweat and dramatically weakens the effectiveness of phyto barrels.
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Fitobochka and massage

Fitobochka and massage – the concept is not only compatible, but also very desirable. During the phyto procedure, the muscles of the whole body are heated, spasms and muscle blocks are eliminated, the body relaxes. This condition is the best for massages.

Massage should be done in 5-10 minutes after the end of the session in the phyto barrel. It may require oils (you can use the one with which the phyto procedure was carried out) or an emollient cream. But you can do a massage without the use of additional funds.

In this case, much depends on the purpose for which the massage is done – to enhance relaxation and a general healing effect, or to combat any ailment. In the treatment of diseases, lubricating substances that have analgesic, anti-inflammatory or regenerating effects may be needed. What means in a particular case is best to use, it is advisable to find out from the attending physician who is well acquainted with the state of human health.

The duration of the total massage should not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the effect on the body will be too strong, and the opposite effect will occur. After the massage is over, it is recommended to lie down for half an hour, wrapped in a blanket so that the body retains heat as long as possible.

Lyudmila, Nizhny Tagil:
"I have always been a lover of baths and saunas, but at the moment due to the hard work, there is absolutely no time left for such pleasures. Recently, for a birthday, my friends gave me a subscription to a spa salon for a phyto bargain. It is difficult to convey my feelings from this procedure. This is incredibly nice! After it, you feel reborn, there are strength and performance. It seems that new sources of energy are opening up. I recommend everyone to try this miracle, I assure you, you will be satisfied!"

Pavel, Rostov:
"I go to the gym for exercise equipment, and the subscription includes the cost of procedures in the fitbox. At first, I treated this procedure with suspicion and even with distrust, but after the first session I changed my opinion dramatically. It is so nice to relax in a fragrant barrel after exercise. By the way, I noticed that after workouts with subsequent phytosauna there is never muscle pain. And after a while I was surprised to find that my prostatitis was gone, and the old sports injury began to bother much less. In general, I am glad that I became acquainted with this procedure. If someone said that it is so effective, they would not have believed it. Now I believe and recommend to all friends."

Natalia, Moscow:
"Once, about 5 years ago, I came to one beauty salon and the administrator recommended me to undergo a course of procedures in a fitbox. I am a lover of everything new, so I agreed with pleasure. I was amazed by the result – my skin condition improved, it became toned and elastic, as in youth, stretch marks were gone, and cellulite seemed to disappear imperceptibly. Since then, I am a passionate fan of this procedure, I go through a full course of procedures several times a year. My friends also tried, everyone is very happy with the results. And one of them was even able to persuade her husband to get her own fitobochka. Now she and the cottage can afford this pleasure. Anyone who has doubts about the effectiveness of this procedure, I will say this – it really helps to get rid of many problems. If there is an opportunity to try phytosaun, settle without hesitation."

Fitobochki: indications, action on the body, reviews – video

Phyto barrels cost and price

Fitobochka to some extent refers to the expensive pleasures. Its price can reach 50-60 thousand rubles. In this case, the price is influenced by dimensions (single or double), the thickness of the walls of the barrel, the method of manufacturing the product, the type of steam generator that is used in this model. But you can find more simple barrels of economy class, worth about 25-30 thousand rubles. They perform the same functions as their more expensive counterparts, but are intended for home use. In addition, they have more modest size, designed so that you can install the barrel in any residential area.

For those people who, for whatever reason, are unable or unwilling to install such a product in themselves, it is recommended to test the effectiveness of the phyto-bath at the spa or specialized saunas. The cost of a sauna with phyto barrels is quite affordable for everyone, approximately it amounts to 300-400 rubles per session. The advantage of the phytosauna salon is that the trained personnel will be able to follow the procedure, and if necessary, they will be able to choose the right set of herbs or aroma oils. In the same place, in the salon, specialists can also do a general massage. Thus, in the spa, anyone can get a full range of services associated with the use of phyto barrels.

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