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Furacilin – aka Nitrofural

General information

Furacilin – It is an antiseptic for local treatments. Destroys pathogens. It is used mainly for washing the wound surfaces, as it effectively destroys microbes and prevents their reproduction. In pure form it looks like a yellowish-green powder.
Close “relatives” of this substance are furazolidone, nitrofurantoin, furagin.

Dosage Forms

  • Water dilution tablets
  • Spray can
  • Liquid for local treatments (water based)
  • Liquid for local treatments (alcohol based)
  • Ointment 0.2%.

Tablets are produced in 0.1 and 0.02 g. In packs of 10 and 12 pieces.
Powder bags of different weights.

Furacilin is included in many combination drugs:

  • Antiseptic sponge with gentamicin,
  • Complicated nasal drops.

Pharmacological properties

Furacilin is an antimicrobial drug that interacts with the cell proteins of the pathogen and creates non-viable derivatives. Destroys both gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms (Shigella, Staphylococcus, Clostridium, Escherichia if, Salmonella and others). Microbes, in practice, do not adapt to the action of this substance. Although, in hospital conditions there are already mutated microbes, against which nitrofural is ineffective.


Used in the form of solutions: water 0.02% and alcohol 0.066%. Liquid treat the affected area of ​​the body or used as a compress. Ointment is treated directly on the affected area of ​​the body.

For the treatment of cavities used as an aerosol and an aqueous solution.
Similar procedures are carried out in the following cases:

  • after surgery for osteomyelitis,
  • inflammation of the maxillary sinuses for washing the sinuses,
  • with empyema after cleansing the cavity of pus in it pour from 20 to 100 ml of an aqueous solution of nitrofural.

The same solution is used for washing the bladder and urethra. During washing, it is necessary to keep the solution in the bubble for 20 minutes.

Alcohol solution, slightly warmed, in the amount of 5 – 6 drops is used for inflammation of the middle ear.

The ointment is used to treat the mucous membrane of the eyes and eyelids.
For acute microbial infections of the digestive tract, the solution is prescribed orally.

  • Infected wounds,
  • Fresh wounds
  • Bedsores
  • Conjunctival inflammation,
  • Inflammation of the eyelids,
  • Furunculosis,
  • Osteomyelitis,
  • Tonsillitis,
  • Inflammation of the oral mucosa,
  • Empyema sinus,
  • Acute inflammation of the middle ear,
  • Minor skin damage,
  • Second and third degree burns
  • For the treatment of infected hollow organs.


  • Individual intolerance
  • Dermatosis
  • Bleeding.

How to dilute nitrofural tablets to get a solution?

  • To obtain a solution for irrigation of the throat or oral cavity, one tablet of the drug should be diluted in 100 ml of water.
  • To obtain an alcohol solution, you should take alcohol of 70% strength and dilute the drug in it in the ratio of 1: 1500. Duration of use of this drug is unlimited.

You can buy ready-made ointment with an active ingredient content of 0.2%, and can be prepared at home.
To make the ointment, the powder is first mixed with a small amount. petroleum jelly and stand day. Then bred lanolin, castor oil to the required concentration.


Tablets on 0,1 gr. produce for ingestion.
Acute bacterial infections of the digestive tract (dysentery).

Ingestion scheme
Adult patients, one tablet four to five times a day for six days. You can take a break for four days and repeat the treatment: one tablet four times a day for 3 to 4 days. Before use, the pill should be crushed.
In severe cases, in chronic course prescribe the simultaneous use of furatsilin and drug from the group sulfonamides or antibiotics. Sometimes vaccination is used.

Side effects
Most often, the treatment proceeds without side effects, but sometimes it is possible: aversion to food, vomiting, urticaria. In this case, you can reduce the frequency of treatment or completely refuse treatment with this agent. To reduce the intensity of side effects, it is advisable to use the drug after a meal, drinking plenty of water. You can also take diphenhydramine, vitamin preparations, nicotinic acid.
If the treatment is long-term, there is a chance of developing neuritis.

Idiosyncrasy (irritability to certain substances), kidney disease.

During pregnancy

Furacilin when used outdoors is absolutely safe for the body of a pregnant woman and an unborn baby. Therefore, it is safe to use water, alcohol or ointment for gargling, skin, eye and mouth treatments.
In rare cases, treatments can provoke irritation, but it quickly passes on its own. Before starting treatment it is advisable, nevertheless, to consult a doctor.
Do not use tablets and oral solution.

Gargle and mouth rinse for sore throat, stomatitis, gingivitis

For rinsing the mouth or throat, the solution is prepared as follows: five 0.02% nitrofural tablets should be crushed, poured into a heat-resistant container, and poured with a liter of boiling water. When cooled, you can rinse, adding 3% before the procedure of hydrogen peroxide at the rate of: two teaspoons for 200 ml.
Such rinsing can be carried out up to 10 times per day. During the day you can completely get rid of angina.
When stomatitis, gingivitis peroxide is not necessary to add. The rest of the solution is prepared in the same way, you can rinse your mouth every hour.

Treatment of wounds and burns

The wound is treated with a weak stream of the cooled solution.
In case of burns, the preparation is used for soaking dried off dressings, as well as treating wounds and wet dressings. A standard aqueous solution of 1: 5000 is used. When allergic to furatsilin used solution rivanola or hydrogen peroxide.

Furacilin is used to treat the eyes of children from birth in the event that discharge from the eyes is observed.
In this case, it is necessary to dilute one tablet of 0.02% in 250 milliliters of boiling water and after cooling down with a daily morning toilet, use this solution.
In order not to transfer the infection from one eye of the baby to the other, each eye should be treated with a separate cotton ball.
If the discharge is abundant and does not go away in a day or two, you should show the baby to the doctor.

Douching. Use for thrush

For douching furatsilina solution is prepared at the rate of 1: 5000. This procedure is used as a hygienic. It is completely harmless, and you can do it even every day. If used correctly, nitrofural does not dry out the mucous membrane and cannot cause irritation. It should be remembered that in itself douching can be the cause of the spread of infection in the genitals. Therefore, this procedure must be prescribed by a doctor.

Do not douche after the age of 40, so as not to overdry the mucous membrane of the genital organs, as well as during pregnancy (it is possible to infect the fetus and provoke early delivery).

Washing with furatsilina can alleviate the condition for some time and reduce itching, inflammation. However, the drug is not antifungal. Therefore, a pronounced therapeutic effect in the case of thrush does not possess.

With nitrofural it is really inhaled. Such a procedure is often prescribed to children with colds. Inhalation prevents the development of infection in the bronchioles, and also reduces inflammation of the respiratory mucosa.
Inhalation is most effectively done with a nebulizer. For one procedure, take five milliliters of 0.24% solution purchased at the pharmacy. Procedures should be repeated twice a day.
Today it is not a very common means of treatment, since many new drugs have been created. Use nitrofural and bronchial lavage (obtaining swabs of epithelial cells of the bronchi for diagnostic purposes) in patients with bronchial asthma.

From a cold

This tool for a couple of days will help not only to clear the nose, but also to get rid of such an unpleasant symptom of a cold as sore throat.

Take 1 ampoule of Dimedrol, 2 tablets of furatsilina, diluted in 200 ml of hot water. To dig in often enough. You can pour in with a syringe, washing the nose. As soon as signs of the disease appear, the procedure should be repeated once a quarter of an hour, then less often. The drug does not provoke addiction. Very good for flu and runny nose, remaining as a complication.

Take one pill of furatsilina, brew it with 100 ml of boiling water. A teaspoon of the resulting solution is mixed with the same amount of calendula alcohol tincture and so much dental powder to make a mushy substance. Treat acne gruel and leave for a quarter of an hour. If it is tweaking, then this is normal. It is very effective for oily skin and the procedure is best done at bedtime.

Assign with boils, furunculosis (after opening the boil), with tonsillitis, radiculitis, bruises (to relieve swelling), inflammation of the middle ear. Such a compress also helps well when compacting the fabric after numerous injections.

During lactation
Compress is done during lactostasis and serous mastitis.

Take 1 tablet of furatsilina, diluted in 200 ml of boiling water, from there take one tablespoon of the solution, mix with the same amount of honey and alcohol.

Compress set before bedtime. The solution is applied to the fabric, on top of cellophane. Do at least three nights in a row. You can knead the dough on the above ingredients and wear constantly until the complete disappearance of signs of the disease.

With radiculitis
In a quarter cup of boiling water, dilute one furatsilina tablet, boil until the entire tablet disperses. Mix with 1 tbsp. honey Dip a mustard plaster into this solution and apply on a sore spot. Hold for 5 minutes. Then remove and cover with cellophane the place where the mustard plaster stood, cover it with a woolen scarf. To do before bedtime. Scarf shoot in the morning.

  • Nitrofural
  • Hemofuran
  • Furacin
  • Furozem
  • Amifur
  • Otofural
  • Vatrotsin
  • Vabrocid
  • Vitrotsin.

Use in the treatment of aquarium fish

Many aquarists know how dangerous specific fish diseases can be for their pets, which are sometimes very difficult to cure.
Nitrofural can be successfully used to treat such a dangerous disease of aquarium fish as ichthyophthiriosis.

A solution of nitrofural is poured into the aquarium at the rate of: 0.02 grams per 30 liters of water. Over the next few days should be replaced every day a quarter of the water in the aquarium. If the disease has affected most of the inhabitants, the solution can be added two or three times in a row. Addition is carried out in a day. Already after three days, the results will be noticeable: the fish will begin to be more actively interested in food and will no longer itch about the stones. If the disease returns, you can repeat the procedure.

Such treatment is perfectly safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Moreover, it is believed that the same drug can be used to treat fin rot.

Milena, 25 years old.
My daughter is 8 years old. She often has a sore throat. She is prescribed mainly different antibiotics, but often furatsilin is also prescribed for gargling. I thought about it and decided to gargle with just this solution as a prophylaxis. Recently the daughter is ill less often. I do not know whether this is due to frequent rinses or just outgrown by itself? They also advised me to wash her nose with the same solution. In my nose I’m afraid to pour it. Still dry up something in the nose. Need to consult with your doctor on this topic. Maybe, who faced such problems?

Svetlana, 42 years old.
I had a tooth removed several years ago. After this removal, antibiotics were drunk many times, because the place where the tooth was was inflamed from time to time. Moreover, white spots began to appear on my cheeks and gums, which could not be scraped off. Have made analyzes. There are no signs of fungal flora. Although the symptoms point to fungi. I feel worse after having a sweet tooth. Even in the nose starts to itch. It turned out that I have Staphylococcus aureus. Prescribed a rinse with furatsilinom mixed with gentamicin. The whole course was fair, but there was no effect whatsoever. Apparently, furatsilin is not a very effective tool. I already doubt it.

Oksana, 19 years old.
My child recently drank half a glass of furatsilina solution. Three days have passed since then. But I do not find any signs of poisoning. In half of the glass is obtained floor pills. Is it a lot or a little? Who drank this medicine inside? Maybe advise what to do? I worry about the child. After all, half a cup of it can be a lot for a three-year-old child. He loves all my salty, and the solution is so slightly salty. Therefore, the child and fell for it. It is my fault, of course, that I scatter different solutions everywhere. But he is not tasty at all and does not look appetizing. It never occurred to me that children like to take it inside.

Elena, 30 years old.
We pediatrician prescribed inhalation with furatsilinom. He has a very strong, powerful cough, just blowing into the pipe. Another nose is stuffed up and the throat is red and sore. Whether it is possible to use such inhalations and whether there will be a bronchospasm. We have a predisposition to bronchospasm. How to be do not even know. I haven’t done any procedures yet. I heard that no inhalations are given to children under five years old. Because they can provoke bronchospasm. Abroad, it seems, no such treatment is prescribed. And I very much doubt the correctness of this treatment.

Yaroslav, 22 years.
Yesterday I found pimples around the labia of my daughter for six months. They did not go to the doctor yet because it is difficult to get to the doctor from us. I want to wash it myself with the help of furatsilina solution. But I don’t know if this is right and whether such a small child can be washed away with this medicine. Sometimes I wash away myself, and, it seems, everything passes normally. What kind of pimples do not know. Need to get to the doctor. Be sure to go, if a day will not pass these pryshchiki. She doesn’t seem to be worried, not trying to scratch or something like that. Who tried to wash children with furatsilinom? Tell us the impression. I heard that there are sometimes even allergies to it. Although it is prescribed for allergies? I do not really understand medicine, so I ask for advice.

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