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Soup diets – cheating

A huge number of people are interested in soup. diets. This is always true. Last year, the squash soup diet was popular, today a diet called "Holy heart".

If you want to know if a soup diet is effective, can you do it thanks to it? lose weight, the answer will be yes. But all nutritionist enthusiasts do not take into account that such a diet is very rigid, unbalanced and potentially dangerous to health.

Strict diet

Instead of wearing such an exotic name as "Holy heart"such diets should be called hungry or exhausting.

Let us calculate how many kilojoules one plate of vegetable soup contains if we prepare it according to the rules of the soup diet. So, our magic soup includes: 2 bouillon cubes, chopped vegetables (cabbage, carrots, onions, tomatoes) and 1.5 liters of water.
Energy value of ingredients:

  • water = 0 kJ
  • 2 bouillon cubes (20 g) = approximately 141 kJ
  • 2 picals of chopped raw vegetables = about 705 kJ.

Only about 850 kJ in total – so one plate of such soup brings the body only 142 kJ. Even with three meals a day, your total energy consumption will be only 426 kJ per day.

This amount of energy is a meager 6.8% of the required consumption of 6300 kJ. For an adult male, the indicators are even lower – only 5.1% of the required 8400 kJ per day.

Naturally, ardent fans of soup diets with such an energy deficit are rapidly starting to lose weight.

What dangers await us


Most people who want to lose weight in any way, do not even understand that the soup diet is just a scam.

About a year ago, soup diets were recognized as the diets of the American Heart Association. However, employees of the American Heart Association have assured the public that they have nothing to do with such diets, and are very concerned that soup diets are very low in calories, and also will do more harm than good.

Solution: do not waste time, exhausting yourself with such extreme diets. Instead of a soup diet, use a balanced diet with a low glycemic index, which includes all food groups.

Be sure to visit a nutritionist who will help you find the right diet, or visit the website of the Association of Nutritionists.

To improve metabolism, fit, slimness and good mood, combine a balanced diet with regular physical training.

Of course, this will take much more time, but just such a rational approach is the only right decision, and your health and psychological balance will not be threatened due to different "magical" soup diets.

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