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Teeth care

Why is brushing so important?

The microflora of the oral cavity is extremely diverse, it contains about 700 species of bacteria. Microorganisms enter the oral cavity from food, from air and consumed water. The presence in the oral cavity of the folds of the mucous membrane, interdental spaces, gingival pockets and other formations in which food remains are retained, create good conditions for the reproduction of most microorganisms.

The species composition of the microflora of the oral cavity is more or less constant. The vast majority of bacterial species do not cause any harm to the body. However, under certain conditions (decreased immunity, infection with viral infection) they can be activated. Scientists have shown that bacteria of the oral cavity cause not only diseases of the teeth and gums (caries, gingivitis, periodontitis), but can also cause heart, kidney, and respiratory diseases. In light of this information, oral hygiene becomes very important. Parents should teach their children to perform oral hygiene from the moment they pass their milk teeth.

General information
The human digestive system begins with the oral cavity, in which the teeth and tongue are located. An important role in the process of digestion is played by the channels of the special salivary glands, which open into the oral cavity. A person has 32 teeth, each of which can “get sick” if it is not properly looked after. Therefore, it is very important to learn and teach children how to properly care for their teeth and oral cavity.

Teeth are bone plates that serve to hold and chew food. Thoroughly shredded food is easier to digest. Uncooked food creates a greater load on the stomach and is harder to digest. In the people there is a saying: “You chew for a long time – you live for a long time”.

Anatomically, the tooth has three parts – the root, crown, neck. The root of the tooth we do not see – it is immersed in the gum. The crown is the surface of the tooth that projects above the gum. But the slightly narrowed part of the tooth, located near the gum, is called the neck.

The crown of the tooth is covered with special bone substances – enamel, cement, dentin. These substances provide strength teeth, and hence their health. Strong teeth better resist various adverse factors that lead to dental diseases.

Most of the tooth consists of dentin. Cement covers the teeth in the root and neck area, and fixes them in the bone holes. Enamel covers the crown. The tooth inside has a cavity called pulp.

Newborns do not have teeth. Only at the age of half a year in children does the first baby tooth appear – the incisor. Four central teeth are called incisors located on the top and bottom two. Then gradually, the rest of the teeth begin to cut through the child. By the age of three, about 20 teeth are being cut in the child. Fangs grow near the incisors, and molars appear next to the fangs.

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