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Top 10 best massage chairs

What are massage chairs?

Massage chairs first appeared on the market in the eighties as a variant of the machine imitation of the activities of professional physiotherapists and massage therapists. By combining various technological innovations and combining several massage techniques, these chairs successfully cope with back pain, stress, tension, muscle spasms and pain. Over time, these chairs are constantly being upgraded and improved. To date, there is a huge selection of different massage chairs, differing not only by price, but also by a set of possible functions, options for massage techniques, size and other important parameters.

The undisputed world leader in the manufacture of massage chairs is Japan. Chairs made in Japan, are of the highest quality, a wide range of various functions and, of course, special comfort. Other manufacturers that are worth paying attention to are the USA, Germany and China.

Massage chairs can provide serious assistance in the prevention and treatment of the following diseases:

  • osteochondrosis
  • spinal curvature (scoliosis, pathological lordosis and kyphosis)
  • radiculitis
  • autoimmune diseases of the joints (rheumatism, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, deforming arthrosis, etc.)
  • functional diseases of the nervous system (stressful conditions, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, etc.)
  • obesity and cellulitis of varying severity
  • some congenital syndromes with muscle weakness (myasthenia, congenital myodystrophy Duchenne, etc.)
  • various types of edema (heart, kidney, lymphatic, etc.)
  • in the rehabilitation period after injuries and illnesses (paralysis, limb fractures, sprains, etc.).

In addition to various pathological conditions, massage chairs are widely used by older people and athletes. They are quite effective in geriatrics, as they allow to delay the age-related changes that occur with time in the body. For athletes, most seats have stimulating and relaxing modes for the muscles, which harmoniously complement the training process.

In general, massage chairs have the following beneficial effects on the body:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation. Most types of massage provide kneading of soft tissues, in which small arteries and veins pass. Thanks to the massage, fresh arterial blood reaches the cells faster, and venous blood does not stagnate.
  • Improved lymph flow. In all tissues of the body in the process of life accumulate various products of metabolism (metabolism). Much of them flow through the lymphatic vessels. Since these vessels do not have muscle cells in the walls, they do not contract well, and metabolic products are retained in the tissues. Massage accelerates the flow of lymph and stimulates the metabolism in the cells.
  • Muscle Stimulation Intensive massage (sporting warming upa) acts on the muscles, imitating movement, but not giving the load on the muscle. As a result, the muscle is filled with blood, the transmission of nerve impulses is accelerated, the metabolism improves. This massage is very useful before exercise, as it minimizes the risk of injury (sprains, muscle breaks, etc.).
  • Muscle relaxation. Stroking at a slow pace and a superficial effect on the tissue with a relaxing massage give the muscles a rest. If the muscle is long tense, lactic acid accumulates in it – a product of metabolism that occurs when there is a lack of oxygen in the tissues. This causes pain and stiffness in the muscle. A relaxing massage provides an influx of arterial blood, thanks to which the lactic acid dissolves and the muscle again becomes ready for exertion.
  • Movement in the joints. Massage chairs mimic minimal movement in the joints of the spine (at the disk level) and limbs. This reduces the likelihood of inflammation, injury, “ossification” (ankylosisa) joint.
  • Removal of spasm. Muscle spasm may be caused by exercise or inadequate innervation. The latter often occurs with spinal curvature. Due to the compression of the spinal roots, some muscle groups tense up, while others relax. Massage relaxes the spine and gradually relieves pressure. As a result, muscle spasm also disappears, and chronic pain disappears.
  • Reflexology. Most chairs can affect the special “energy” points that are used in reflexology. They stimulate or relax certain nerve fibers, providing a beneficial effect on the muscles or organs.
  • Psychological comfort. All modern massage chairs are adapted to give the body a natural shape. Many chairs even change shape depending on user settings. As a result, a person in such a chair has no specific points of support, the body evenly distributes the mass. Due to this, the load is removed from the main muscles and from the spine.

This article presents a kind of rating of the best 10 massage chairs in 2016, presented on the world and domestic market. All of them in varying degrees, possess the above methods of influence on the body. The use of these chairs will certainly have a serious therapeutic and prophylactic effect. However, we should not forget that for the complete treatment of certain pathologies, medicinal or even operational methods are simply necessary. For each individual patient with serious illnesses such treatment is chosen individually by the attending physician, and the massage fades into the background.

Osaki OS-4000

This massage chair is currently considered one of the best in the world and made the first lines of most recommendations. Made of synthetic leather, the chair has a robust design, stylish design and, of course, outstanding performance. This chair is able to take the position of “zero gravity” (a position similar to that which the body occupies in a rocking chair), which allows you to achieve the most complete relaxation and achieve the best effect from the massage.

A sensible massage robot built into the chair scans the curves of the body and, while making micro adjustments, focuses on the lumbar region, neck and shoulders.

Osaki OS-4000 is designed to massage the entire body from the neck and shoulders to the tips of the fingers. The user can select one of 6 automatic programs (wellness, sensible, relaxation, blood circulation, treatment and exponential) and one of 6 massage styles (stroking, kneading, Swedish massage, patting, Shiatsu massage and a combination technique). In the selected mode, you can adjust the speed within 5 values, as well as the degree of intensity.

Inada dreamwave

Inada Dreamwave chair is one of the most high-tech and luxury models of massage chairs on the market. The movements created by the mechanisms of this chair, very accurately recreate the movements of the masseur Shiatsu. This model was created with the aim of maximally approximate imitation of chiropractors’ movements (manual therapists) and physiotherapists. She has technologies that allow the reproduction of gestures in the form of the figure 8, which stimulate the body balance, similar to the state that arises during the direct passage of a shiatsu massage.

The user can customize the chair for themselves by using 8 different programs that include automatic modes for stress relief, as well as for morning, evening and night.

This chair provides a full body massage and allows you to cover an area of ​​about 8000 square centimeters, which is the highest indicator among all the chairs today. The model is designed for people of any age and has several patented modes, specially designed for young and old people.

Each session begins with the fact that the chair automatically scans the body and identifies the point of increased tension, which later undergoes a particularly thorough massage.

Yamaguchi Axiom YA-6000

This model occupies one of the leading positions among the entire line of Japanese luxury massage chairs. It combines high technology and engineering achievements with innovative design and luxurious materials.

The chair Yamaguchi YA-6000 allows you to massage the whole body from shoulder to fingertips. The presence of seven automatic modes in combination with 38 massage mats allow you to simulate various massage techniques.

Control of the functions of this chair can be carried out using the built-in remote control, or through a smartphone or tablet owner.

Human Touch iJoy-2580

This model uses the patented technology “Human Touch”, which translates from English as “human touch”, which is subjectively perceived as a massage from a real masseur. It was created specifically to mimic the movements and techniques used by manual therapists specializing in the spine and back. This style of massage provides optimal relaxation, helps relieve tension, reduces pain, general weakness, improves blood and lymph circulation.

The chair provides a choice between 3 programs that allow you to refresh your back muscles (15 minutes back massage), relieve tension from the shoulders and neck and reduce back pain.

Full Body Shiatsu Chair Recliner Bed EC-69

One of the most affordable massage chairs among the top models is the Shiatsu massage chair EC-69. Modern robotized technologies used in this chair provide an optimal calming effect.

This chair can be easily transformed into a massage bed that allows you to enjoy a full body massage. There are several modes available, including rolling rollers and kneading for relieving stress and relaxing muscles, pressing and tapping to restore elasticity and mobility of the ligaments of the lower extremities, as well as patting and vibration mode for losing weight and reducing pain.

Power rollers and vibrators are built into this chair, which are located in strategic locations to provide full body massage. Their combined effect relieves muscle spasms and provides dilation of blood vessels, which improves circulation.

Ogawa Smart Delight Plus

This chair combines many different massage technologies and, moreover, has its own three-color backlighting, which promotes relaxation or, on the contrary, stimulates the body, depending on the chosen mode.

The chair provides several basic modes, among which the main ones are:

  • back regimen
  • stress management mode
  • mode of caring for the joints.

With a massage with the option of caring for the back, the user’s body is slightly fixed in the therapeutic position with air cushions, which allows specially designed rollers to massage the back much more effectively. Periodic stretching of the muscles and ligaments of the back provide complete relaxation and stress relief.

In the stress relief mode, the chair helps the body to achieve complete relaxation through a deep massage of the whole body with a special emphasis on the shoulders and neck. In addition, this program helps to eliminate lactic acid from the muscles (which causes pain), and also normalizes blood circulation.

The joint care program provides foot massage to relieve muscle tension in the “zero gravity” position. This mode also massages the knee joint, thereby stimulating the circulation of synovial fluid (intraarticular fluid), which facilitates movement.

Gess symphonie

This chair, thanks to the new design of the armrests, provides massage for the whole hand from the tips of the fingers to the shoulder. The presence of additional pillows in the shoulder area provides a more efficient and deep massage. Vibrating massage rollers provide massage of the gluteal region and thighs. This chair significantly improves lymphatic drainage, which allows you to effectively deal with cellulite and edema.

The unique design of the massage stand for the legs allows you to perform high-quality compression with air bags that act on specific points on the feet and legs.

Casada SkyLiner A300

This massage chair has a 3D effect that allows it to adapt to the body of the person in it. Massage rollers, therefore, can effectively affect all areas of the body. The built-in computer program analyzes the height, weight and shape of the back in three planes using sensors and highlights the most important points for massage.

The built-in zero gravity function allows you to take a position in which the muscles, joints, spine, ligaments and other structures of the musculoskeletal system undergo the least stress. A similar position is occupied by astronauts during a rocket launch.

Panasonic EP1285KL

This chair, specially designed for massage the whole body, combines a number of functions and technologies that allow for an effective massage of almost the entire surface of the body. The four-point massage technique improves overall health through therapeutic muscle relaxation, as well as improved blood circulation.

Massage mechanisms work in the neck, shoulders, waist, thighs, legs and feet. The combination of 8 built-in types of massage with 4 pre-installed programs provides a wide range of possible massage modes.

This chair is made of high-quality black leather, which in combination with an elegant design makes it easy to fit in almost any interior.

iRobotics 6 Ultimate Medical Massager

This chair provides the ability to customize it to the growth of the owner by rearranging the pillows under the shoulders and pushing the leg racks. The massage is provided with 104 airbags and robotic arms.

iRobotics 6 is programmed for 6 types of massage, each of which can be activated separately for a specific part of the body. The chair provides a reduction in stress, eliminates muscle pain, relaxes the entire body, including the head, neck, back, shoulders, and upper and lower limbs.

For deeper relaxation, this chair provides the ability to connect a music player through the built-in speakers. To facilitate use, the chair is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to connect a smartphone or tablet without using wires.

The massage chairs presented in this article are one of the ways to relax, which allows to reduce the level of stress and muscle tension. However, it should be borne in mind that any massage, including robotic, has its effect on the body, and therefore has a number of contraindications. For this reason, before you start using a massage chair should consult a specialist.

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