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Top 10 foreign bodies extracted as a result of surgical operations

Every person in his life swallowed something that is not a place in the human body. It could be a piece of plastic packaging, sand grains in seafood, a little toothpaste, or even a whole tooth.

As a rule, this is quite a usual phenomenon, which does not threaten any dangerous consequences for the organism. Everything described above, like many other things, easily pass through our digestive tract, leaving the body you know in which way.

But if everything was always so simple! When it comes to those foreign objects that have been extracted from the human body, you just wonder how they could get there. Of course, some could get there by accident.

However, there are cases when this was done on purpose – for example, during sexual games or for criminal purposes. Thanks to the folly of some people, surgeons will never cease to amaze the world with the fact that they are able to extract people from the body as a result of surgical operations.

Foreign body in man


Here is a very recent story: a 70-year-old woman living in one of the cities of Australia repeatedly applied to a medical institution at her place of residence with complaints of persistent severe pain in the stomach.

After her fourth visit, which took place in April 2017, the doctors came to the conclusion that surgical intervention was necessary as the only measure that would finally reveal the causes of the pain.

During the operation, a neglected inflammatory process was detected in a certain part of its large intestine, and therefore the only possible decision was made to amputate the affected part.

After the damaged part of the intestine was removed from the patient’s body, doctors were surprised to find in it an ordinary toothpick, which was stuck across the intestine. Thanks to the operation, the woman completely got rid of her symptoms and her health began to improve.

For obvious reasons, none of the attending physicians was able to make a correct diagnosis, since very few people are able to suggest such a cause of pain. On the other hand, toothpicks swallow is not so rare. Moreover, in 50 percent of cases, patients do not even suspect that they did it.

To identify the presence of a wooden toothpick in the intestine is extremely problematic without surgical intervention, because the nature of the inflammatory processes is diverse. In other words, be careful when ordering a cheese platter!

Portion of a sauce pack

For six long years, a British citizen has lived with the firm conviction that she suffers from such severe inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract as Crohn’s disease (granulomatous enteritis).

And only when she was 41 years old, the patient underwent an operation, after which she learned that the cause of her suffering was completely different. Indications for surgery was a sharp deterioration in well-being, manifested in the appearance of new symptoms that put the doctors in a dead end.

The doctors came to the conclusion that the patient’s body did not respond to treatment, and after three days of fruitless attempts to find out the cause of the deterioration, the woman was on the operating table. The patient was prescribed laparoscopy.

As a result of this procedure, doctors have found a strong inflammatory process in one of the small intestine sections of the woman. As it turned out, the inflammation was caused by the stay in the intestines of two pieces of plastic packaging from a sachet made by Heinz (do not take it for advertising!).

After removal of foreign bodies, the woman quickly went on the mend. The patient was very surprised by the discovery of the doctors, since, according to her, she could not remember at all that she would ever add such a sauce to food.

Medical workers reported that this was the first time that a foreign body trapped in the intestine caused the symptoms of granulomatous enteritis. It is because of these symptoms that it was not possible to reveal the true cause earlier, without surgery.

Ballpoint pens

Exactly one year ago, a 50-year-old man was brought to a local hospital in Kunshan City County, China, with a preliminary diagnosis, according to which a foreign object was in the man’s stomach.

A more thorough medical examination was scheduled, as a result of which the doctors managed to find out that there are … two ballpoint pens in the patient’s stomach, in the duodenum.

The length of each handle was about 12 centimeters, but even this fact is not the most surprising. For the patient, the news was a complete surprise. Only when a man “dig deeper” in the depths of his memory, he was able to remember how these pens got into his body.

It turned out that it happened 36 years ago when he was a 14-year-old teenager. According to the recollections of the man, he, being an energetic boy, reacted to a provocative challenge of his peer. The young Chinese did not tell his parents anything, but he forgot about this story, being sure that the pens had digested long ago and left the body.

Ball pens, which have been in the human body for almost forty years, only by happy coincidence did not cause any negative symptoms. They were extracted as a result of surgical intervention. The operation was successful.

Hair ball

At the beginning of 2017, a 16-year-old girl with stomach pains was delivered to the regional hospital in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. In addition to the pain, the girl had symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

A preliminary survey, which was conducted in one of the district hospitals at the girl’s place of residence, did not yield any results. Doctors immediately sent a teenager for fibrogastroduodenoscopy (endoscopic method of examination of the esophagus).

As it turned out, the child had a large foreign body in the stomach. Having studied the results of the examination in the most careful way, the doctors came to the conclusion that the so-called bezoar was a foreign body.

This caused the surprise of experts, since bezoars were rarely found in people’s stomachs. This is a dense structure of plant fibers or felted hair. Such formations in the esophagus are characteristic of ruminants. As for people, only a few hundred cases of bezoar detection were officially recorded in the entire history of medicine.

In this case, the girl in the stomach was the so-called trichobezoar – bezoar of hair. In order to remove the hairball, doctors were forced to undergo surgery.

As a result, a dense lump of hair with a diameter of 8 centimeters was removed from the stomach of a young patient. The length of the bezoar was 30 centimeters. According to the doctors, the girl suffered from a mental disorder, which is called trichotillomania, expressed in tearing and eating her own hair.

Foreign body in the intestines


We return again to China, where, at the end of last year, a 33-year-old man named Xiao Zang put his life in mortal danger, using a seven-centimeter-diameter glass as a tool for self-satisfaction. Obviously, something went wrong, and the cup slid into his rectum through the rectal opening completely.

For two days, the “experimenter” tried to independently pull out the object with the help of various devices and tools, but not only did not succeed in this, but also significantly aggravated the situation – a piece from the edge of the glass broke off right inside the rectum.

The man was urgently hospitalized in a hospital, where doctors initially tried to extract a 7.5-inch-long glass without surgery. After unsuccessful attempts, the patient was scheduled for an emergency operation on the abdominal organs.

Fortunately for the unlucky lover of unusual sexual pleasures, doctors managed to successfully remove the foreign body from the patient’s body. It was surprising not only that the glass was drawn deep into the intestines, but also that the man was not injured by the broken piece of glass.

Bottle of laxative pills

Another case that occurred in the Republic of China (do not look for patterns!). In 2014, the 60-year-old resident of Zhuhai City in Guangdong Province applied to a local clinic for severe constipation.

I must say that constipation tormented him regularly. The man is not the first time complaining about this condition. The last time, he was advised to take a laxative, which he bought in one of the pharmacies.

It is difficult to say what reasons the poor fellow was guided by (his name was not disclosed), but for some reason the Chinese decided that he should stimulate his anus with the help of this bottle in order to get rid of his constipation.

Apparently, the man got so carried away that he shoved a vial of medicine right into the anus. After that, obviously, problems with constipation became even more severe, which made him turn again to the medical institution.

The bottle was detected by X-ray examination, and then successfully removed from the man’s body, without causing him any damage. Chinese doctors could not get rid of temptation and did not distribute the X-ray of his hapless patient on the Internet.

Foreign body in ZHKT


The fact that mushrooms can be extremely toxic, once again can not be said. However, these products may pose another danger to the body. At the beginning of 2017, Chinese surgeons from Yiwu City, Zhjjiang Province, operated on a 50-year-old woman, removing sprouted mushrooms from her stomach.

As it turned out, the patient, being a big lover of dried mushrooms, consumed them without proper heat treatment, and she didn’t chew well enough. To the surprise of the doctors, the mushrooms began to sprout in her stomach.

In fact, the human stomach is a wonderful environment for these organisms – it is dark and humid. Some of the mushrooms felt so good in this environment that they grew to seven centimeters in length.

The Chinese woman later admitted that she had not even soaked these mushrooms, and had swallowed several of them altogether. After some time, she felt severe stomach pain, which forced her to seek medical help.

Doctors discovered foreign organisms using endoscopic examination. As a result of the operation, a whole colony of mushrooms was removed from the patient’s stomach. The operation went without complications, and the fan of dried mushrooms soon recovered.


Cockroaches, these hated parasites that occupy people’s homes, may well be carriers of infections. Also, they pose a certain danger for the operation of some electrical appliances – a cockroach, having climbed, for example, in a microwave, may well lead to a short circuit.

However, this is not all the dangers that can be expected from these insects. What would you say if you knew that a cockroach was able to get to where, apparently, none of its fellow tribesmen was until now? Say, in a skull to a living person?

This amazing story happened at the beginning of 2017. 42-year-old housewife, a resident of India, woke up from the fact that she felt some tickling unpleasant presence of a foreign body in her right nostril.

The woman, thinking that she had just caught a cold, tried to go to bed again, but the extremely obvious sensations of some movement in her nose did not allow her to fall asleep. She spent the rest of the night awake, hardly waiting for the dawn, when she could finally seek medical help.

The Indian woman already realized that some insect had climbed into her nose that she could not get out on her own. At the same time, the stay of something foreign began to deliver a burning pain to a woman who began to spread to her eyes.

The woman applied to three different medical institutions, but only in the latter, the doctors conducted an appropriate scan, finding a “moving foreign body” inside the patient’s skull. It was possible to understand what kind of body it was, after the endoscope was inserted into the patient’s skull, just between the eyes, dangerously close to the brain.

Finding who was responsible for the anxiety, the doctors got a cockroach with tweezers. More than 12 hours have passed since its penetration, but the insect was taken out alive and unharmed. According to the doctors, this was a good sign, since the death of a cockroach could signal that it was a carrier of infection.

Foreign body removal

A toy

Toys often end up in the mouth of children, which then swallow them safely, forcing parents to seek medical help for their children. However, this story is not about the child. Its main character is a 50-year-old postman named Paul Baxter from the English village of Croston, County Lancashire.

A man was tormented for more than a year by a severe cough, as a result of which he was expectorating yellow clots. Paul, a former smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors discovered a tumor in the patient’s lungs twenty years ago, tried to remove it, but to no avail.

At the end of 2017, doctors conducted another examination, for which they introduced a tiny camera into the patient’s lungs. There was no limit to the surprise of the doctors: they expected to see an overgrown malignant tumor, but they found a toy road cone from some kind of children’s travel kit.

Cone managed to extract under local anesthesia, after which he was handed to Buckster in memory of what the postman had to endure after voicing an erroneous diagnosis. Paul was also able to clarify the situation with how exactly this small toy got into his body.

The man remembered that at the age of seven he received a Playmobil Toys designer as a birthday present. The cone that Paul had pulled out of his lungs was clearly part of that designer, although the man never remembered when he managed to inhale the toy.

For more than forty years the toy cone was in its lungs, not giving its presence to any unpleasant symptoms. At the moment, Paul completely got rid of his cough, he is healthy and continues to enjoy life with his wife and two children.

Kinder Surprise

Someone Damian O’Reilly, a 20-year-old resident of Ottawa, Canada, who smuggled in drugs, came up with an idea that he thought could bring a lot of money. To do this, he had to figure out how to … get into a Canadian prison.

In conclusion, narcotic substances reach a cost that is ten times their street price. Thus, Damian just had to somehow break the law in order to put him in jail (it was easy, given the fact that the guy was on probation).

And O’Reilly decided to carry the drugs inside, having previously hidden them in packages from a kinder surprise. In addition to narcotic substances, the young man packed tobacco, cigarette paper, matches into kinder-surprises. As a result, Damian got eight oval balls, which he introduced one after another into his anus.

The guy, breaking glass in a police patrol car, was taken into custody for several minutes and placed in an insulator until the subsequent trial or release on bail. However, something went wrong.

One of the police officers, feeling that the case was unclean, identified Damian in solitary confinement, where there was no toilet. Accordingly, the man was not able to get rid of the “burden.” In this case, his behavior was observed.

When it became completely impossible for O’Reilly to endure the discomfort within himself, he extracted eight kinder surprises (it remains only to guess how). The guy was given two years in prison for attempting to smuggle drugs into a penitentiary.

In this story, managed to do without surgery. Surprisingly, everything went without problems for the health of the unfortunate smuggler, who managed to push 8 containers out of the kinder surprises with a total length of 36 centimeters (each container has about 4.5 cm) into the rectum, the maximum length of which reaches 18 centimeters!

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