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TOP massage chairs and devices for car enthusiasts

The life of a modern person is a stream of stress factors. Unfortunately, people themselves often voluntarily or accidentally miss opportunities to remove the negative impact of the world around them. It is impossible to avoid stress. And stress itself is not evil. It is dangerous to increase the amount of stress in the absence of treatment. That is, the danger lies not in the very fact of the presence of a stressful situation, but in the fact that a person cannot, does not want, or does not know how to eliminate its consequences.

There is one universal excuse, it fits any situation, in any conditions. Here is its wording: “I absolutely have no time!”. This “magic spell” allows you to accept the sufferer’s position or to give up on everything. The time is not rubber.

Totally agree with you. Time does not stretch and therefore should be highly appreciated. And we throw out this time, we live in the future, for example: “I’ll become the head, I’ll manage the time myself” or “I’ll go on vacation and even then.” The boss chair is not so often vacated, the vacation is always too short ..

In general, we are also losing time now. Let’s get down to business!
The fact is that humanity has long been aware of the problem of lack of time. Inventors, doctors, physiologists, psychologists are looking for ways to help a person who is always busy to remain just a person, not a groovy typewriter. And one of the ways is the combination of any therapeutic effect in combination with the lack of time.

An example of such a combination is massage. No no! Not a massage in the salon, which you still need to get to or not a massage therapist at home, who will get to you or not. We are talking about the use of massage devices. They will help you get a massage, get rid of stress or tension, cure or reduce the appearance of the disease, eliminate discomfort in the muscles and, at the same time, save time.

The existing massage devices for this are divided into chairs or capes (in fact, the same chair, but without a cruel frame) and pillows. Pillows can be for sitting, and can – for other parts of the body. For example, neck or waist.

What devices from this row are the most popular and why?
Immediately we will make a reservation: products of an average price category from the manufacturer specializing in such goods are considered. To overpay money for the “chic and glamor” of the promoted brand with the same technical characteristics is squandering, and buying products from the basements of Chinese craftsmen is more expensive.

Multifunctional massage cushion

Among the small devices and, in particular, the pillows are leading multifunctional car cushions. The reason for this popularity is a reasonable price with the highest functionality.

This pillow combines the possibilities of kneading massage in combination with thermal effects. Such a massage not only has a therapeutic effect, but also warms.
The effect of heat is not limited to comfort. Warming up in combination with massage enhances blood circulation and accelerates the processes of recovery and treatment. For massage, available muscles of the back, neck, limbs, feet.

Neck massage pillow

Next in popularity is a pillow designed specifically for the massage of the neck and collar area. Such a local impact is useful in the car, and in the office, and at home.

Do not think that the massage of the local area will not be useful to others, not massaged areas of the body. The fact is that the effect of massage is not limited to local effects. Strengthening blood circulation in one area, reflexively causes an increase in others, which leads to an improvement in tissue trophism and removes not only signs of fatigue, but also helps to cure diseases.

Butterfly cushion

In third place among the “kids” – the so-called “butterflies” or “bows.” Take a look at the picture – and everything will become clear.

Low price, small size and at the same time – great features. The butterfly cushion is easily attached to the car seat using straps. Two vibration, almost silent, mechanisms provide a vibration massage of varying degrees of intensity (the regulator is on the pad). It improves blood circulation, increases blood flow to the brain, which ensures clarity of thinking and high work capacity.

Vibration cape masseur for car seat

Among the “large” massage devices used in cars, popular capes. In essence, this is a car massage chair, but not fixed in the salon, but mobile. The amenities are obvious: the massage is carried out in the car on the way to work, then the cape is removed, transferred to the working chair and again the massage is available at any time during a busy day. The fact of the availability of capes is also important – the price range of 2,000 rubles gives plenty of choice.

Among the leaders are the vibration capes. Vibration massage is considered the height of the skill of professional masseurs.

The cape of RestArt N-905 allows to carry out such massage in four modes. The weakest vibration mode is ideal for a relaxing massage.

Another area of ​​application is bronchopulmonary diseases. Vibrating massage combined with postural drainage (that is, changing the position in the bed) allows to achieve a significant shortening of the recovery period. In chronic diseases, the manifestations of the disease with such effects are less pronounced. For this massage you need to choose the second mode. The third – very intense – this is a massage, which has a therapeutic effect.

The cape allows you to choose not only a comfortable vibration intensity, but also its speed. You should agree that if the developers didn’t think about it, the benefits of intensity adjustment would be negated.

The heating function is useful both by itself and in combination with massage. The only thing I would like to remind is that for men with a diagnosis of prostatitis and women with inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, being constantly on a heated seat can be harmful. But massage in warm conditions, on the contrary, is useful and effective.

Roller massage cape

Roller automotive capes are the second most frequent acquisitions. Maybe this is due to the fact that they are more expensive than the previous device, but they also have much more functionality. They allow you to massage both the entire back completely, and include a massage on its individual parts. Very comfortable – low waist – turned on the lumbar sector.

The mode and intensity of vibration is easily regulated: given that such capes, as a rule, have 3 modes of vibration and 3 intensities of it, a tangible possibility of combinations is obtained.

Massage car seat

The most expensive purchase from the category of acquisitions “for years” is a car massage chair with roller inserts.

This is a complete massage and health salon in the car, at home and in the office. Yes, yes, this massage chair is also mobile, it is easy to install on a stationary seat in a car and is just as easy to carry!

Women will appreciate anti-cellulite massage. No recording, queue, cancellation of massages, Nika tedious road to the salon.

All other types of massage provided by other car massagers are included in the functions of this massage chair. But the unique function of the massage “Shiatsu” is an option only of this unique massage chair.

So, the rating is as follows:
Mini Massagers:
1. Multifunctional Massager Pillow
2. Massage neck pillow
3. Butterfly cushion
Massage capes and massage chairs:
1. Vibration cape-masseur for car seat
2. Roller massage cape
3. Massage car seat.

All devices of our TOP can work from a cigarette lighter and from a network of 220 V.

Stop for a while, linger. Do not rush to go to abandon the acquisition of massage chairs. Just sit down and remember, do you often experience back pain or heaviness in the legs? Are headaches and sore muscles bothering you? You went to the doctor and you were told that there is no pathology and you need to lead a healthy lifestyle?

And how to do it in the conditions of eternal employment, haste and eternal time pressure?
Maybe it is a massage chair for a car that will be a useful way out of these situations?

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