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Urolesan – instructions for use (drops, capsules, syrup), reviews, price, analogues

General information

The drug was created by Ukrainian scientists from the Ivano-Frankivsk Medical Academy more than thirty years ago.
A drug Urolesan helps to get rid of infections of the urinary system, as well as kidney stones, gall bladder, removes uric acid from the body.
The basis of the drug is medicinal plants that disinfect the urinary tract, enhance the evacuation of urine, chlorine salts, stimulate the production of bile and its promotion, contribute to enhancing the blood supply to the liver. The drug relieves spasms of the bile ducts and urinary tract.

Release form and composition

The drug is produced in the form of drops in 15-liter glass bottles and in the form of a syrup. Bottles are supplied with a pipette.

In addition to syrup and drops, the drug Urolesan is now also being produced in the form of capsules for oral administration.

The composition of the droplets (active substances):

  • Fir oil,
  • Peppermint oil,
  • Castor oil,
  • Alcohol extract from wild carrot fruit,
  • Alcohol extract from hop cones,
  • Alcohol extract oregano,

As active substances, the syrup and capsules contain the same substances as drops, with the exception of castor oil, that is, fir oil and peppermint oil, as well as extracts of sotlodiya of hops, oregano herb and wild carrot fruits.

The composition of syrup auxiliaries, drops and capsules varies, and it is shown in the table below:

Urolesan capsules are hard gelatin, size 0, the lid and body are colored green. Inside the capsules are powdered contents with a characteristic herbal smell, painted in shades from yellow-gray to gray-brown in color with a greenish tint and splashes.

Syrup is a light yellow liquid with a greenish tinge and a specific odor. Syrup can opalescent (slightly glow in the bright light of the bulb).

Drops are a liquid with a peculiar smell of mint, painted in greenish-brown or brown.

What is Urolesan for? Pharmacology.

Essential oils present in the composition of fir and mint, reduce inflammation, improve blood supply to the liver and kidneys, act diuretic (moderately irritating kidney tissue), choleretic and inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic microbes.

Under the action of the drug, a protective colloid is formed in the urine, the tone of the smooth muscles of the urinary tract and the bile ducts is regulated.

Essential oils in a short time penetrate the bloodstream and begin to act.

The components of the drug reduce the intensity of fat oxidation, increase the immune response, reduce the level of toxins inside the cells.

Urolesan in the form of drops, syrup and capsules is well absorbed in the digestive tract, and the first therapeutic effects occur within 20 to 30 minutes after taking one dose. The duration of the effect is 4–5 hours after ingestion, and the most pronounced effect occurs in approximately 1–2 hours. Urolesan in any dosage form is eliminated from the body completely through the intestines and kidneys.

  • Bladder stones
  • Gallstones,
  • Salt diathesis,
  • Acute or chronic pyelonephritis
  • Cholecystitis,
  • Inflammatory processes in the tissues of the liver and bile ducts,
  • Dyskinesia of the gallbladder,
  • Preventing the formation of new stones after their removal,
  • According to some reports, it is effective in bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis, removing bronchospasm.


Contraindications for all dosage forms of Urolesan (drops, syrup and capsules):

  • Individual intolerance to the components
  • Gastric and intestinal ulcer,
  • Glomerulonephritis,
  • Heartburn,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Gastritis.

For syrup additionally has a contraindication – the age of the child is younger than 6 years.

For capsules there are the following additional contraindications:

  • Age under 18
  • The diameter of kidney stones more than 3 mm
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Lactase deficiency
  • Glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Instructions for use Urolesana (dosage and method of use)

Instructions for use drops Urolesan

Adult patients: 10 drops of the drug dripped on a piece of sugar and put it under the tongue. The procedure is carried out three times a day before meals. The duration of therapy is from five to thirty days. With intervals it is possible to carry out several courses of therapy.

To relieve liver or kidney colic, 20 drops of urolesan can be consumed immediately.

For children from 7 to 14 years 5 to 6 drops three times a day on a piece of sugar sublingually.

Instructions for use of syrup Urolesan

Adult patients 5 ml (this corresponds to one teaspoon) three times a day on an empty stomach.

Duration can be from 5 to 7 days in acute cases up to 30 days for chronic diseases.

With colic, you can immediately drink 10 ml of syrup, and then in the usual way.

For children

  • from 12 to 24 months 1 to 2 ml three times a day,
  • from 2 to 7 years, 2 – 4 ml three times a day,
  • from 7 to 14 years 4 to 5 ml three times a day.

The amount of the drug is measured by a special dispenser.

To measure the required dosages of syrup in milliliters for children, you can use an ordinary syringe. At the same time, a little more syrup should be drawn from the bottle into the syringe, as part of it will remain on the walls of the syringe. After use, rinse the syringe each time with warm water, removing the piston from it.

Instructions for use capsules Urolesan

Capsules are ingested, not biting or breaking, but with a glass of non-carbonated water. The usual dosage is 1 capsule three times a day before meals. If acute hepatic or renal colic occurs, the dose can be increased to two capsules, which are taken at a time. But then they come back to taking Urolesan in the usual dose – 1 capsule, 3 times a day before meals. The duration of treatment of acute conditions is 5-7 days, and in case of chronic the course of treatment lasts from a week to a month. It is possible to conduct repeated courses of treatment after two-week breaks.

Side effects

Capsules, syrup and Urolesan drops can cause the following side effects:
one. On the part of the digestive tract – heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
2 On the part of the nervous system – dizziness and general weakness.
3 On the part of the cardiovascular system – a decrease or increase in blood pressure.
four. On the part of the immune system, itchy skin, facial redness, skin rashes, angioedema and other types of allergic reactions.


Overdose Urolesan possible. It is manifested by nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. With signs of overdose, you should go to bed, drink plenty of warm liquid and take atropine sulfate 0.0005 – 0.001 g.

Special recommendations

  • Patients with diabetes should use drops, as there is sugar in the syrup,
  • The drug is prohibited to take if the size of the stones is more than 3 mm.
  • For children under 7 years old, it is preferable to give the drug in the form of syrup.
  • To enhance the immunostimulating effect, it is recommended to combine urolesan with cobalt chloride preparations. This combination will enhance other restorative properties of the drug.
  • In acute form of cystopielit or pyelonephritis, the drug is a powerful preventive tool, since it does not allow the transition to a chronic form, while in chronic it makes the periods of remission longer and the exacerbations softer. This effect is achieved by increasing the amount of excreted urine, and thereby evacuating the germs from the body.
  • In salt diathesis and urolithiasis, the drug is used to evacuate calcium oxalate and uric acid salts. But to increase efficiency, you should also slightly change your menu.
  • In the case of dizziness, you should abandon any activities that require a high reaction rate and concentration of attention, including driving a car and controlling various mechanisms.
  • When taking Urolesan on the background of chronic diseases should consult a doctor if a positive therapeutic effect is absent after 5-7 days of the drug.
  • If you experience severe side effects or any effects that are not listed in the instructions, you should immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

There is not enough information about the safety of the drug for the body of a pregnant woman and the formation of the fetus, as well as its effect on the composition of breast milk. The decision on the use of urolesana should be made only with your doctor.

Interaction with other drugs

No interactions detected.

Pharmacy release and storage conditions

The drug is sold without a prescription.

Store it in a dark place at room temperature.

The shelf life of an open bottle of syrup is 28 days at a temperature of 8 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Clinical trial information

Extragenital pathology department, maternity hospital №5, Kiev.

Forty-eight future mothers took part in the experiment at terms from twenty-eight to thirty-eight weeks of gestation, suffering from infectious inflammations of the urinary system.

In patients with unsystematic bacteriuria, after a course of treatment with Urolesan, the pathogens in the urine were completely eliminated. This made it possible not to use antibiotics.

In the group with pyelonephritis, blood and urine tests improved in the period of remission, discomfort in the pelvic area passed. None of the patients had the drug provoked side effects.

Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Clinic of Urology and Nephrology.

Conducted experiments on the treatment of chronic prostatitis with Urolesan. According to the data obtained, the use of the drug accelerates the cure of exacerbations, prolongs the periods of remission of the disease, and also improves laboratory results.

In addition, experiments were conducted on the use of the drug in the treatment of patients with diseases of the bile ducts and gall bladder. When treating patients with cholecystitis in chronic form, the serum protein indicators improved, which indicates an increase in immunity, an improved supply of oxygen to cells. The cure of patients was recorded for three to four days earlier than in the control group. Patients quickly normalized digestion, liver function. Disease agents disappeared into the bile.

A group of Ukrainian scientists conducted a study of the effect of the drug on patients with coronary heart disease, based on the fact that clinical trials revealed its beneficial effect on the state of peripheral blood flow, as well as the phase structure of left ventricular systole. During the experiment, it was found that the blood picture returned to normal, the effect of the external respiration apparatus improved, and the performance of the organs of the respiratory system normalized.

Under the conditions of hospitals, the influence of Urolesan on the condition of patients with pulmonary diseases was investigated. Under the action of the drug, the surfactant activity decreased (bronchial mucus) in patients with obstructive bronchitis, patients were recovering faster, improved laboratory results.

According to data from Gerich P.R., conducted in 2003, a study of Urolesan, this drug has a beneficial effect on the condition of patients with asthma of non-allergic origin. The number of peptides decreased (disease indicator), as well as indicators of external respiration approached the norm.

Analogs of Urolesan

The following drugs are related to Urolesan’s analogues:

  • Artichoke extract
  • Berberine sulfate
  • Berberis-Gomaccord
  • Blamaren
  • Brusniver-T
  • Ginjaleling
  • Biliary
  • Canephron
  • Lespeflan
  • Lespefril
  • Lespenephril
  • Marelin
  • Spilled, Spilled Super, Spilled Septo, Spilled Super Septo
  • Uralit-U
  • Uroflux
  • Phytodiuretic with Potassium Diet Formula
  • Phytophron
  • Cymalon
  • Cistenal
  • Cysteum Solidago
  • Cyston.

What is better than Urolesana?

In medical practice, it is very difficult to name any one drug that would be the best for a certain disease for all patients suffering from this pathology. This state of affairs is due to the fact that each person is different, and even if he suffers from a typical disease, which is also found in other people, this does not mean that the same medicine as the other will work best for him. Indeed, for one person, one drug may be the best, and for the other, another, although both of them suffer from the same pathology.

In connection with this state of affairs, doctors prefer to use the term "optimal", by which is meant the drug that is the best for this particular person at the current time. Accordingly, we cannot unequivocally indicate which medicine is better than Urolesan for all patients. Indeed, for one person, Urolesan would be the best, and for another – a completely different drug. Moreover, for the same person in different periods of time, different medicines may also be the best – for example, at one moment it is Urolesan, and after a year another drug.

That is why, in order to choose the best medicine strictly for yourself, you need to try taking several analogues with the closest possible therapeutic effect. And on the basis of the obtained effect, decide which drug is best for this particular person.

Natalia, 23 years old
During pregnancy I used urolesan very often, as he helped me, but antibiotics at this time cannot be drunk. In addition, also furazolidone saw. But here it is just during pregnancy is impossible, and during breastfeeding is also undesirable. I was prescribed these two drugs by a doctor from the antenatal clinic. Several times the bladder had problems during pregnancy. A couple of times on some drops went. The baby was born completely healthy and so far our kidneys are fine.

Alena, 38 years old
From time to time I take ulesan when I feel discomfort in the bladder. 10 drops of sugar. So after 30 minutes, the condition is relieved and even the pain goes away. I have chronic cystitis. And quite often I even find that the sand comes out of me. I really like this drug especially because it is harmless. After all, these are only solid herbs. Only here I can’t put sugar under my tongue – it’s very hot. Therefore, it is often necessary even to drink water. I heard that he had already appeared in capsules. But we have not yet.

Oleg, 40 years old
I already take the ulesan for the fourth day and I feel only constant nausea. As for the genitourinary system – there is still no results to detect. It may also be a bit early, but maybe this tool does not suit me. Among the side effects is nausea. But I thought it would pass with time. However, already four days and no relief not notice. Anyway, I will try to drink the whole course and then I will decide how effective it is for me. I was assigned to drink it for 14 days. I have small kidney stones and chronic prostatitis.

Alexandra, 28 years old
I think this is the best tool. When I was just diagnosed with urolithiasis, antibiotics were immediately prescribed. They didn’t help at all, and I went on to other doctors and pass all tests. The second time I have registered urolesan. Even with colic helped me more than once. Very quickly relieves and normalizes the condition. And he relieves inflammation. At the same time, not a single chemical substance is all natural and natural. Very pleased with the reception of this tool. I managed to drip and dissolve sugar, as it is written in the instructions. No problem.

Oksana, 47 years old
I was also helped by the urolesan, but only by the end of the first bottle. Before that, I didn’t really feel its effect. Only now his taste is so specific that a friend of mine, my friend, tried once and gave me her bubble. I could not drink more. It reminds me a lot of spruce needles. By the way, I am even asked to send him abroad, because there you cannot buy him there, but he helps you really well.
And the price attracts me. After all, it is quite inexpensive. In addition, sometimes it is enough to drink a couple of times to normalize the condition.

Lana, 33 years old
I have had kidney attacks since I was ten years old. And they diagnosed chronic pyelonephritis. Back in those days, the doctor recommended my mom to my mother. So she, just that, and it drips on me to sugar. I later forgot this drug for a while because I left far from my mother. But when my kidneys got hot I remembered about him. Now here I accept necessarily from time to time. Despite gastritis and any problems with digestion, I digest it pretty well, taste is so-so, but you can tolerate it.

Price Urolesan (drops, capsules)

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