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Product List >>> Slimming tea removes toxins, reduces lipid levels

The problem of overweight worries not just a big, but really a huge number of people. All of them in one way or another are trying to get rid of extra pounds. Someone succeeds, while others cannot achieve the desired results throughout their lives. In general, the methods of dealing with extra pounds abound. The most important thing is to use them rationally so as not to harm the general state of health. Weight loss tea is what we want to advise you. This product is manufactured by the world famous corporation Tiens, whose dietary supplements (dietary supplements) consist only of natural ingredients, therefore, they can not harm people. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, then this article is for you.

What are the components of this supplement? Tea for weight loss consists of the following components: tangerine peel, black dragon tea, kudin tea, cassia torus seeds, rhubarb seeds, lotus leaves and chastuha. As for the two types of tea that are part of this supplement, they have both detoxification and bactericidal, antipyretic, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. To use this kind of tea can be not only in the fight against obesity, but also for the treatment of cough, giving vitality, improving tone, improving digestion, protecting against radioactive radiation. Influencing the human body, these teas help to reduce the level of lipids and cholesterol. In addition, they are often used to prevent the development of malignant tumors.

If we talk about lotus leaves, then they have a hemostatic and antipyretic effect. In addition, they tend to lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. But chastuha promotes the decomposition of fats, which are an integral part in the synthesis of cholesterol. Cassia torus seeds, in turn, not only reduce the amount of lipids, but also prevent the occurrence of plaque sclerotization of the arteries and an increase in serum cholesterol.

What are the beneficial properties of tea for weight loss? This dietary supplement is quite a powerful phytotherapeutic agent. It tends to remove inflammatory and intoxication processes, and also has a very strong bactericidal effect. Sputum liquefaction is another feature of this drug. In addition, this drug is used to restore carbohydrate and fat metabolism, normalize the health of the intestine and spleen. By acting on the human body, it restores the structure of the cell, both pancreas and adipose tissue. With its help, it is possible to clean the body and from the accumulated in it toxins and toxins.

What are the indications for the use of tea for weight loss? In most cases, for the help of this supplement turn in the fight against obesity or overweight. This drug is also used in hypertensive disease, hyperlipidemia, angina pectoris, post-infarction cardiosclerosis, coronary heart disease. If you have hepatitis, cirrhosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, diabetes mellitus, then you can also use the help of this drug. Quite often, this supplement is prescribed for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, atherosclerosis of heart vessels, lower extremities or brain, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Acute viral infection, influenza, sore throat, swelling, laxity of the skin, hangover, diseases of the nervous system – all of these are also indications for using this product of Tiens corporation. Do not do without the help of this tea in the case of high mental or physical exertion. Often, this drug is used for the prevention of cancer of the intestine and stomach.

Are there any contraindications to the use of tea for weight loss? This drug is strictly contraindicated in children under twelve years of age. In addition, it should not be used during pregnancy, as well as during lactation.

The way to use Weight Loss Tea is simple: take one tea bag, fill it with half a liter of water, cover with a lid and leave for ten to fifteen minutes to infuse. The resulting tea must be taken throughout the day.

The dosage of this drug is as follows: if overweight is used, one tea bag must be brewed in one glass of boiled water and taken two to three times a day. To achieve the desired effect, it is best to take this drug from 5 to 7, from 13 to 15 and from 21 to 23 hours. The course of therapy is one to three months.

Tea is available for weight reduction in the package, which holds forty sachets of the product.

And now attention! Before you begin a course of therapy with this drug, it is very important to consult a specialist. The fact is that in seven days a person can lose three to eight kilograms, which can adversely affect his overall well-being. And yet, while taking this tea, it is very important to follow all the rules of a healthy lifestyle, since only in this way you can achieve the desired results.

Standard drug description

Slimming tea – restores the structure of the cells of the spleen, pancreas and adipose tissue, harmonizer of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, body weight, function of the spleen and intestines.

The main components of tea: tea “Black Dragon”, tea “Kudin”, with the addition of lotus leaves, seeds of Cassius Torah, part, rhubarb seeds, tangerine peel.

The therapeutic effect of tea is to cleanse and remove toxins, reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, enhance the function of the spleen, normalize bowel function, and reduce body weight due to adipose tissue. Tea as a phytotherapeutic agent has a detoxification, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. It is used when coughing, helps to dilute sputum.

Tea “Black Dragon” and tea “Kudin” have: antipyretic, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect. They also stop coughing, improve digestion, increase vigor, tone, refresh the head, help reduce weight, protect against radioactive radiation, show anti-cancerous effects, reduce lipid levels and cholesterol.

Lotus leaves have astringent properties with antipyretic effect, stop bleeding, dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

Rezoma (Chastuha) decomposes fats necessary for the synthesis of cholesterol.

Indications for use:
Increased body weight and varying degrees of obesity.
Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the heart, brain and lower extremities.
Coronary heart disease, angina, postinfarction cardiosclerosis.
Hypertonic disease.
Vegetative dystonia.
High mental and physical stress, including to improve overall well-being and the state of the nervous system.
Respiratory diseases, flu and sore throat.
Cancer of the stomach, intestines as a means of prevention.
Hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.
Diabetes mellitus (as an adjunct).
Hangover syndrome, alcohol intoxication.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Puffiness, flabbiness of skin.

Contraindications: not recommended for children under 12, pregnant and lactating.

Direction of use: – to clog up 1 sachet for 1/2 liter of water, insist 10-15 minutes under the lid. Drink throughout the day.
Dosage – During the weight loss program: brew 1 sachet per 1 cup of water. Take 2-3 times a day: from 5 to 7 hours, from 13 to 15 hours and from 21 to 23 hours. Duration of the program is 1-3 months.

Release form: 40 bags per pack.

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