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You need to lose weight wisely

Lose weight would be – almost all the representatives of the weaker sex dream about it, while forgetting that it is necessary to fight with extra pounds correctly. It is important to remember that the approach to reducing the overall weight should be individual. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your body, and only after that it is possible to get down to business absolutely calmly. Consider, the wrong diet is a direct way to loss of health, and sometimes even to death.
You need to lose weight wisely! How exactly can you lose those extra pounds without harming your health, you can find out right now. After reading this article, you will learn about the possible consequences of improper weight loss.

Cleansing the body – the first step towards success!

Regular cleansing of the body is considered to be a pledge of good health and longevity, as well as a decrease in total body weight. Every day harmful components get into the body of every person. They tend to penetrate into us both through the lungs and through the skin, mucous membranes, and the gastrointestinal tract. Without a doubt, most of them are excreted from the body due to its self-purification, but the rest gradually accumulates in the tissues, lymph and in various organs in the form of slags. As soon as the level of slags reaches a critical level, it becomes a cause of disruption of the normal functioning of vital systems and organs of the human body. Given this fact, periodically purge the body is simply necessary. This procedure helps to improve blood circulation, restores the brain and cardiovascular system, as well as normalizes the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and various internal organs.

Nutritionists consider purification as a modern sorbent Enterosgel as a necessary step in any weight loss program. It actively absorbs only harmful slags and toxins that enter the blood in abundance during the breakdown of fat deposits. It is these toxins that provoke diet-nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth, abnormal stools, dull skin, acne and blemishes on it. This sorbent well fills the stomach, thereby creating a feeling of satiety, absorbs excess gastric juice and enzymes, neutralizing their irritant effect on the stomach wall. Suppose its reception by long courses, unlike other sorbents.

If we talk about cleansing the body in order to lose weight, then in this case it is worth noting that it must be complete and gradual. The greatest number of professional diets include the purification of the following organs and systems:

one. Bowel cleansing: it is with this organ that it is recommended to begin the purification of the whole organism. The patient is prescribed a specific diet, as well as special procedures. Nutrition must necessarily be separate, that is, we eat carbohydrate foods at one time, but protein foods – at another. The interval between meals should be at least 120 minutes. Both carbohydrates and proteins can be used in combination with vegetables, fats and greens. As for dairy products, they should be discarded for a certain period of time. In unlimited quantities it is allowed to use both raw vegetables and black bread, cereal, and bran. All these foods tend to enhance the intestinal tone, increase the synthesis of enzymes, as well as increase the absorption capacity of the mucous membrane of this organ

2 Liver cleansing: It is no secret to anyone that the liver is one of the most important organs, which takes an integral part in the processes of metabolism and digestion. The same organ helps to neutralize harmful components and enhances the absorption of nutrients. Cleaning the liver should be carried out only after cleansing the intestines. During the cleaning of this organ, it is necessary to eat separately and not consume dairy products. After the procedure for 1 month it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol. It is important to note that for people with high acidity of gastric juice and with stones in the liver, it is absolutely contraindicated to clean this organ.

3 Kidney cleansing: kidneys should be cleaned to prevent the formation of stones or sand in them. Various procedures involving purification will help alleviate the course of such pathological conditions as chronic cystitis, pyelonephritis and urolithiasis. During the procedure, patients should eat as much as possible of products that include vitamin BUT. Meat consumption should be minimized

four. Vessel cleaning: most often cholesterol accumulates on the vascular walls, which can cause circulatory disorders and vascular insufficiency. Cleansing the blood vessels helps eliminate chronic headaches, and also improves the quality of vision and hearing. After cleansing, the vessels become flexible and flexible, which minimizes the risk of myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and paralysis.

five. Joint cleaning: they most often marked the deposition of a large amount of salts. Purification helps to prevent the formation of salt “cones”. Contraindication to such procedures is considered to be a gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Proper nutrition for weight loss

As regards the distribution of food according to the reception hours, in this case everything depends on its composition and energy value. So, for example, if we are talking about fish, meat or legumes, then they should be used for breakfast or lunch, as they tend to enhance the efficiency of the central nervous system. Before bedtime, it is best to eat vegetables, fruits, or dairy products, which do not tend to load the organs of the digestive tract. Before bedtime it is not recommended to eat hot spices, as well as drink coffee and strong tea. All these products tend to disrupt sleep. Meals should start with vegetables or salads that help strengthen the synthesis of gastric juice and activate the work of the stomach. Subsequent meals should not be colder than 10 degrees and hotter than 50.

To ensure that food is well absorbed, chew each piece thoroughly. Make a meal schedule and follow it clearly. The fact is that both the correct and systematic intake of food can prevent the development of numerous pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. And yet, in any case, do not overeat. Overeating contributes to the accumulation of large amounts of fat.

And now a list of common principles of proper nutrition:

  • eat seasonally
  • regularly include raw vegetables and fruits on the menu
  • keep your food fresh
  • make food balanced and varied
  • eat food, get maximum pleasure
  • limit the energy value of the diet
  • never eat incompatible dishes.

In conclusion, we note that proper nutrition should be for you one of the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Eat fresh food in moderation and enjoy it.

Water. What role does she play?

If you decide to lose a few extra pounds, then immediately take note that without a lot of water you will not be able to do it. Remember once and for all: water must be present at any weight loss, since it is in her nature to increase the viscosity of the blood and also enrich the tissues with the necessary amount of oxygen and energy. Losing weight with water involves taking more liquid than usual. In the course of the research it was possible to establish that every day everyone should drink at least 2 liters of water, and this amount does not include teas, juices, coffee and other beverages. To lose weight, you should drink exactly clear water, passed through special filters. We note the fact that often the feeling of hunger, having felt that we immediately rush to eat, occurs at times when the body is experiencing a shortage of water.

To lose extra pounds with the help of water is quite simple. Every day for half an hour before each meal we drink 1 glass of pure water. During the day it is recommended to drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water. After 120 minutes after dinner, drink another 1 cup of pure water. To clear the vascular walls during the first 7 days of the water diet, you need to add a small amount of pineapple or lemon juice to the water, which tend to break down fat. Too much water should not be consumed. This can cause excessive moisture to accumulate in the body, which in turn will lead to rapid muscle fatigue. Eating food, drinking water is also not worth it. Water drunk during meals dilutes the gastric juice and disrupts the processes of food digestion. If you drink water immediately after eating, it will wash food from the stomach, thereby provoking the development of the process of decay.

Lose Weight With Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a drug whose main component is carbon. If earlier this remedy was used exclusively for intoxication of the body, then today it is often used to combat extra pounds with it.
There are 3 options for the use of this medication with the aim of losing weight, namely:

Method number 1: take 9 tablets of this drug, divide them into 3 parts and drink each of the parts 60 minutes before meals

Method number 2: drink as much coal daily as your total body weight. So, for example, if your weight is 60 kg, then you need to drink 6 tablets of this drug per day.

Method number 3: Every day on an empty stomach, drink 2 tablets of this medication.

The use of activated carbon in the fight against obesity allows you to lose 3 to 4 kilograms and cleanse the body of toxins and accumulated in it. Most importantly do not get carried away. To lose weight in this way is strictly prohibited in the presence of ulcerative colitis, stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers, as well as gastric bleeding.

Charging for weight loss – why is it needed?

It is a well-known fact that even a minimal amount of physical activity gives its results, but only if the activity is regular. This also applies to charging, designed to reduce the overall weight of the body, which involves minor physical exertion, which can not be compared with sports.
The main purpose of such charging is considered to be an increase in the energy expenditure of the body. In addition, it will help tighten muscles, give the body flexibility, and ease movement. Regular implementation significantly improves both general well-being and mood. You can perform a set of exercises at any time of the day. Most importantly, the time between charging and the next, as well as the previous meal, should be at least 1.5 hours. Charging for weight loss involves the implementation of the most common set of gymnastic exercises. Its only difference is that all the exercises are performed for a longer time and with a break of no more than 1 minute. Already after 15-20 minutes after doing the exercises, you can eat unsweetened yogurt. This charge consists of 3 stages.
First stage provides for heating of the muscles and lasts from 5 to 10 minutes.
Second phase – This is the main part, which takes about 30 minutes.
And finally The final stage suggests relaxation after doing basic exercises.

Can I lose weight with a hoop?

Initially, the exercise is best done with a light hoop for 5 minutes a day. Gradually bring time to 30 minutes. Once you get used to such activities, you can purchase a weighted hoop and start twisting it. And yet, do not forget about regularity. Even if you are very tired, make at least a few spins. This will certainly affect the final result. If you have a special massage wrap, then do not be surprised if, after the first session, bruises appear on your waist. This is quite normal. In the future they will not, however, the first time will have to suffer. In the first classes it is best to wear a thick sweater or a wide belt. It is worth noting that during critical days sports and weighted hoop is best not to use. The same devices are not recommended for older people. If you are worried about any abnormalities of the back or abdominal cavity, then before starting such activities, first get a consultation from a specialist. A conversation with a doctor about the use of the hoop will not be superfluous for pregnant women, as well as those who have recently given birth.

Herbs for weight loss

To date, the use of herbs in the fight against overweight has become much more popular than the use of special pills. This is not surprising, since medicinal plants are much healthier and safer. They tend to cleanse the body of toxins, to normalize the metabolism, as well as reduce appetite, which, of course, is very important if you are struggling with excess weight. Both herbs and medicinal teas are best bought at pharmacies. As for slimming teas, they are plant collections that help remove excess cholesterol, normalize metabolic processes, and also heal the entire body as a whole. They are also inherently laxative, as well as diuretic.

Among the herbs that tend to normalize the work of the digestive tract, can be considered anise, dill, fennel and parsley. Altea root, blister fucus, flax seeds and spirulina algae are suitable for reducing appetite. If you need to normalize the metabolism, then get ginger, birch leaves, elderberry flowers, rosemary, nettle, turmeric or coltsfoot. A powerful laxative effect is inherent in the pharmaceutical chamomile, buckthorn, cumin seed, anise ordinary, yarrow, watch, fragrant dill. To enrich the body with vitamins and minerals, use raspberries, nettle leaves, wild rose, black currant, lingonberry and mountain ash. And, finally, corn poles, barberry, cinquefoil goose, bear ears and field horsetail will help remove excess fluid from the body. All herbs and their fees for weight loss should be taken in courses of 2 – 3 weeks.

Recipes fees and tea for weight loss

Recipe number 1: we mix on 20 gr. parsley, coltsfoot leaves, dandelion roots and fennel fruits with 60 gr. buckthorn roots. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, after which 2 tbsp. l the resulting collection steamed in 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 30 minutes, filter the infusion and take it in the morning on an empty stomach

Recipe number 2: we mix on 20 gr. medicinal dandelion, nettle, sena, green parsley and 10 gr. mint and dill. 1 tsp. Pour the mixture with boiled water and leave for 3 – 5 minutes to infuse. We filter the resulting tea and drink it in small sips. The course of therapy begins with 1 cup per day. Over time, we increase the dose to 3 cups daily. Note that this tea is best to drink after a meal. Then gradually reduce the volume of drink to 1 cup.

Recipe number 3: we mix in equal quantities the fruits of fennel, lime blossom, black elderberry flowers, peppermint leaves and chamomile flowers. Pour 1 part of the mixture with 20 parts of boiling water and leave to infuse in a water bath for 15 minutes. We filter the received broth and we accept it on 1 glass 2 – 3 times a day

Recipe number 4: mix thoroughly 40 g. buckthorn bark with 15 gr. parsley and the same amount of fennel fruit, dandelion roots, peppermint. 2 tbsp. l the resulting collection of steamed in 2 cups of boiling water. After half an hour, filter the infusion and use it for ingestion on an empty stomach

Recipe number 5: mix 1 part of licorice roots, nettle, red rowan berries, Eleutherococcus with 1.5 parts of yarrow, 0.5 parts of flax seeds, 2 parts of seaweed and the same amount of buckthorn bark. 1 tbsp. l Pour the mixture of herbs with 1 glass of boiling water, wrap it carefully and leave it overnight. The next day we filter the infusion, squeeze it out and take it to 1/3 cup three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course of therapy is 2 – 3 months. All this time it is necessary to observe a unloading diet and regularly add bran to food.

Recipe number 6: take 10 gr. leaves mother and stepmother, the same number of birch leaves and 80 grams. blackberry leaves. All the ingredients are mixed, then pour 1 part of the mixture with 1 cup boiling water. Take this tool should be 1 glass in the morning and before dinner.

Massage is an important procedure for weight loss.

Modern specialists are 100% sure that massage is an effective method to combat obesity. This cosmetic procedure provides, first and foremost, ridding the body of various defects. It’s no secret that the extra weight in the very first place makes itself felt in the neck and neck area. The fact that there is a problem is indicated by loose skin, drooping chin, as well as sagging breasts. In such cases, without the help of a massage therapist can not do. Massage of these parts of the body begins with gentle strokes in the direction from the middle of the chest to the side, and then from the neckline towards the neck. During the entire procedure, the patient should lie on his back in a comfortable position, with his head slightly tilted.

Often, excess fat accumulates in the abdomen, as a result of which it becomes bulging and sagging. In such cases, this area is also subjected to massage. At first, massaged areas are applied special means for losing weight, after which the procedure itself begins, carried out exclusively with the thumb and forefinger. The masseur captures a separate area of ​​the skin, pulls it up, and then releases it very quickly. It is very important that the massage in this area is performed by a professional massage therapist, since the implementation of this exercise requires increased attention and control. Massage to reduce weight in the hips is performed in the supine position, and the patient should lie on his stomach. It is possible to get rid of excess fat in this area through alternate light skin squeezing with the hands. If we are talking about obesity 3 or 4 degrees, then the patient is subjected to a deeper massage, during which all massage movements are performed at a faster pace.

Often in the fight with extra pounds is used and a special acupressure, which is considered to be more effective than a general massage. In this case, the specialist acts on special reflex points, which are responsible for the work of various organs and systems. The impact on these points allows you to speed up the process of losing weight. So, for example, it is possible to reduce the appetite by acting on the point that is located in the hollow between the ear and jaw. There is another point located on the outside of the leg at a distance of 5 – 6 cm up from the ankle, which has the same effect. It turns out that acupressure helps to eliminate not only the problem itself, but also the causes that led to its development. In addition to acupressure and general massage, SPA massage, canned and apparatus massage, as well as hydro-massage help to fight extra pounds. In all cases, massage procedures help to cleanse the body, relieve muscle tension, elevate mood, improve the overall condition of the skin and correct the figure.

Spices for body shaping

Virtually all modern housewives add all sorts of spices to their dishes. These include bay leaf, basil, marjoram, dill, and many others. At the same time, many of them do not even suspect that it is inherent in all these spices to affect metabolism in their own way. Some of them strengthen it, while others, on the contrary, muffle the appetite. Regular consumption of certain seasonings will help to significantly improve your figure. Of course, seasonings alone will not be able to adjust your forms, but their combination with gymnastic exercises and nutrition will help to achieve the desired results much faster.
Right now your attention will be presented with a list of spices that can help cope with extra pounds:

Cinnamon: It is peculiar to this seasoning to maintain blood sugar levels, as a result of which you will not want to eat sweets. In addition, cinnamon reduces excessive appetite, as well as improves metabolism. The most important thing is not to use it in combination with sugar. It is best to take 1 cup of kefir, add to it 1 tsp. given spice and drink this drink every day

Mint: helps reduce appetite only when used as a seasoning. As for mint tea, it on the contrary stimulates the appetite.

Ginger: The composition of this seasoning includes a large number of amino acids that contribute to the stimulation of metabolism. Ginger is also peculiar to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.

Vanilla: If you can’t imagine your life without chocolate, then drink vanilla tea regularly. Such tea tends to fight chocolate addiction. In addition, he is very uplifting and discourages the desire to eat a piece of something

Caraway: Despite the fact that this seasoning has a specific flavor, its taste is quite pleasant. Cumin significantly improves the digestive process, with the result that toxins are eliminated from the body much faster, and, consequently, the overall weight decreases

Black pepper: it is peculiar to it to have a tonic effect on the body, as well as to significantly improve the digestion of food

Curry: experts proved that all the components that are part of this spice, contribute to the natural process of burning fat in the body. Among its constituent components can be counted as cinnamon and ginger, red pepper, cloves, coriander and others. It is especially useful to add curry to fatty foods, using which you can not worry about the beauty of your belly and thighs.

Chilli: It should be used exclusively in the ground form. Chile helps regulate appetite, saturates faster, speeds up metabolism, reduces insulin levels, and also burns excess body fat.

Dangers of improper weight loss

Sitting on this or that diet, every woman strives to get rid of the problems associated directly with overweight. These problems, of course, should not be ignored, because no one wants to live with shortness of breath and high pressure. However, there is one thing. If weight loss is wrong, then getting rid of some problems, you immediately get others, and no less serious.
Right now you will be able to familiarize yourself with the list of dangers that await you in case you incorrectly approached the problem of overweight:

Danger number 1: weakness, headache, nausea: All these unpleasant phenomena are the result of a sharp decrease in total body weight, which is observed, as a rule, when observing express diets. During such diets, the process of splitting a very large amount of fat is noted. As a result, in the body there is a accumulation of numerous toxic products, which are called ketone bodies. Such bodies are represented by acetoacetic acid, acetone and many other harmful components. It is their accumulation that causes poor health. These bodies tend to have a negative impact on the entire body. The central nervous system suffers especially from them. “Intoxication” of the brain leads to the development of headaches. Violation of the work of all internal organs is noted in the case of “poisoning” of the spinal ganglia with these bodies, since they are responsible for their work. The destructive effect of these bodies is not immediately felt. At first, a person is worried about only minor weakness, excessive fatigue and nausea. These troubles can only be avoided if the weight is gradually reduced, namely, not more than 4 kg per month.

Danger number 2: deterioration of the general condition of hair, skin and nails: with unbalanced nutrition, there is a violation of the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, the body stops receiving and the necessary amount of trace elements, vitamins, as well as amino acids. Slimming without the control of a specialist can cause a significant decrease in hemoglobin. It is possible the development and electrolyte imbalance. All this sooner or later leads to a deterioration in the general condition of both hair and nails, as well as skin. In some cases, heart arrhythmia develops, which is much more serious. A well-known fact is that the skin and mucous membranes are a kind of barrier. They protect our body from pathogenic microorganisms. By sticking to an unbalanced diet, we involuntarily reduce the synthesis of immunoglobulins. As a result, the skin is no longer able to fully resist infections and germs, which in turn leads to the development of fungal nail infections, skin rashes, as well as various infectious and colds. Preventing the development of these troubles will help failure of self

Danger number 3: omission of internal organs: our body is designed in such a way that with a sharp decrease in the caloric content of food consumed, it primarily consumes the reserves of fat accumulated in the pelvis and inside the abdominal cavity. As for the external fat, which is represented by subcutaneous tissue, the body retains it to the last. In principle, this phenomenon should not surprise anyone, since the subcutaneous fat is necessary for the body to balance it with the environment. It is he who is responsible for heat transfer and protects the body from impacts, injuries, bruises and injuries. As for reducing the amount of subcutaneous tissue while reducing weight, in this case, this phenomenon is quite dangerous, since it can cause the omission of such internal organs as the heart, kidneys, and liver. In order to prevent this phenomenon, nutritionists prescribe special lipolysis methods for their patients.

Danger number 4: constant irresistible hunger: if before you go on a hard diet you overeat regularly, then the ingestion of a limited amount of foods in your body can cause a significant decrease in blood glucose levels, which is a great stress for the body. The center of hunger in such cases perceives what is happening as something critical, as a result of which its activity immediately increases several times. Constant signals about the lack of food enter the cerebral cortex and form the focus of the so-called painful arousal. As a result, on the face of polyphagia, that is, increased appetite. In such cases, you constantly feel the feeling of hunger, and you will feel it even after the completion of the diet.

Danger number 5: loose skin: Since the skin is not rubber, a sharp decrease in total body weight almost always causes the skin to hang. This happens because she simply does not have time to catch up. So, for example, with a sharp decrease in weight of 40 kilograms, folds hang so strongly that they can be wound on the arm, and in the direct sense of the word. How much the skin sags after a dramatic weight loss depends on both its tone and the number of kilos dropped, the initial properties of the skin, as well as the age of the person

Danger number 6: weight return after weight reduction: Nutritionists call this phenomenon the effect of the pendulum, which is especially often noted in patients who decide to fight extra kilograms on their own, that is, without the help of a specialist. Even the most ordinary diet is for the body quite a strong stress, having transferred that body with double strength tries to regain what was lost to them. First of all, he is trying to catch every calorie in him. In addition, after a diet, people most often cannot deny themselves their food preferences and begin to eat as much as they ate before. It is clear that with the help of this approach, no one will be able to maintain the achieved result.

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