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Abortion is not a medical problem, but an economic verdict

In human terms, I am for a family, for the fact that children are born, so that there are no divorces and broken fates. But this is a subjective view.

If you rise above it, it becomes clear that abortion is not a problem, but a serious consequence of the problem. One can get rid of abortions or reduce them to a minimum in only one way – by changing the environment, the living conditions of both women and men.

Again, this does not depend on each person personally, but on the collective being, which, as is well known, determines consciousness.

Banning abortion under capitalism is about as effective as barring prostitution. We treat with one hand, cripple with the other. We plant one on a needle, another we open private drug clinics.

We privatize health care with one, and with the other we beg on TV for an operation in Germany. We cut the pension system with one, and encourage commercial nursing homes and hospices with the other.

This is hypocrisy, meanness and deception.

In a society built on poverty and inequality, women will get rid of children, sell children, sell themselves, because human life is a cheap product. The product including the life of the mother herself.

No prayer, no prohibition, no appeal to an individual conscience will help here.

We have in front of the village children’s outpatient clinic the clergy gathered a huge poster: Take care of life! Domes, mamma breastfeeds a plump baby. And in the 300 meters there are sitting boulders, among which it is impossible to distinguish between M and J. It is the local unemployed, there are a lot of them here. They are unemployed, because all the neighboring state farms have long been put under the knife, and the land is sold to the right and left.

In winter, the population of the district is 3,000, and in summer it increases to 30,000, due to the wealthy holidaymakers. And the local drunkards look at expensive cars with well-groomed children, and then at the poster with domes.

You can punish for an abortion even shooting, but you will not achieve anything.

On the contrary. Restraining cruelty will cause only oncoming rage.

At first you cheated the people, and now you scoff, dare to forbid them to be cattle?

I once shot a story about baby boxes (foundling boxes) in poor areas of New York. I will never forget the story of a thirteen-year-old girl from Queens who put a child in a trash can and another one who tried to flush the fruit down the toilet.

I will not forget Marcus Garvey Park in the center of Harlem, whose slopes, like fallen leaves, are covered with used condoms. This is the only consolation for the local teen poverty, it is a vicious circle from which it is impossible to get out.

Therefore, any problem, including the right of a woman to dispose of her own body, is first of all a problem not personal, but social. That is economic.

The solution of a demographic problem depends on whether this simple thought can be explained to our female majority (accustomed — no discrimination — trust the heart more than reason). It is not the personality that needs to be changed, but the system.

Not the letter of the law, but the environment.

A man or woman must want to live. You should want to love (note how we are divided now by estate-bulkheads through which love is forced to creep). It should be clear why to live, why live?

Why have children, why raise them? There must be a clear answer – what kind of future awaits the child, for what can one suffer and suffer hardship?

Man has little biological response about the self-reproduction of the gens and surnames. It is not enough for him to pray.

In the suffocating and hopeless atmosphere of the capitalist world, people (not you personally, but statistically measured people) can and will live only for themselves. So, no force will make them think of another, the smallest, unborn man.

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