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Beneficiaries of the apocalypse

Over the past few years, a lot of material has appeared on the Internet about the facts of historical forgery. Moreover, it should be noted that most of these facts, in spite of their obviousness, are in absolute contradiction with the official (academic) version of events from both the distant and very recent past.
Many such materials seem absolutely incredible and for this reason, despite their flawless argument, are thrown off by our consciousness to the verge of the information flow as unreliable. An in-depth analysis of the reasons for the rejection of such information revealed an unexpected thing.

It turns out that the overwhelming majority of the versions of forgery of the events of the past are considered unbelievable only for the reason that it is not clear how such a global deception can be implemented.

In reality, deception does not have a global scale at all, and for its realization it is not at all required to personally deceive every person on earth, because the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of our planet are artificially set by the “masters of truth” in such conditions that they are engaged only in their own survival and do not care for the past of humanity. The deception is designed exclusively for the most active, progressive, curious, thirsting for knowledge of people, for those representatives of human society whose intellect allowed them to independently cope with the issue of personal survival, but turned out to be insufficient to create their own tool of knowledge of the world, and as a result their thirst for knowledge remained not satisfied. And it is for knowledge that, following the good will of the call of their heart, like moths flying into the light, they go to sources saturated with amazingly logical lies, arranged especially for them inside, created by the “masters of the truth”, the “educational system”.

And then, filled with satisfying curiosity "knowledge", having received diplomas, titles, academic degrees, they share them with the same curiosity as they were themselves, who appeared to replace the best representatives of humanity. We deal with the centralized distribution of logically connected judgments that reliably hide the truth.

Moreover, this distribution is carried out by people who sincerely believe that they are sources of light of knowledge. Such “progressive” people on the planet are only about one hundredth of a percent, and they are concentrated mainly where the information field of the “masters of truth” has unlimited power over minds and souls.
As we see, for the implementation of the “global deception” it is required to mislead a very tiny part of humanity, which then, having acquired the status of an authoritative source, will spread its authoritative delusion to the next generation of its curious followers.

Generation gap

Erasing the memory of the past with the help of the “generation gap” is rarely used as an exclusively radical measure: in cases where the basic methods have proved ineffective and the population of the planet is out of total control. When people have an epiphany and the veil of lies subsides, the “masters of the truth” arrange an apocalypse, leaving only the necessary handful of children for the continuation of the race, who are already prepared to live in ignorance of the truth about their ancestors.

This proven technology, in spite of repeated use in earlier times, requires thorough preparation from the “owners of the truth”.

I think that no one will dispute the claim that children are the most pure and therefore the most gullible creatures on earth. The mind of the child is vulnerable because he does not remember what happened before his birth with the society in which he now has to live. It is in childhood, when people still remain these pure gullible creatures, they are laying down the most important, fundamental data, namely, about the sources necessary for the survival of things.

That is, children in early childhood are told that knowledge of the world should be obtained centrally, in a general manner and from common sources. Of course, this is done precisely with the goal of exercising control over knowledge according to the already well-rolled scheme described above. In a normal society, these data are given to children from their close relatives: from parents, grandparents, and so on.

In a situation preceding the generation gap, children should be separated from their parents, moreover, in order not to cause indignation, on strictly legal grounds. In our case, for this purpose, throughout Europe, juvenile laws have long been adopted and are working without causing protests.

Further, the required number of children is accumulated in reliable underground bunkers, and a nuclear, tectonic, biological or any kind of nature cataclysm is arranged on the surface, the main task of which is to clean the surface of the planet from the hated human infection hated by the “owners of the truth”.

After a dozen, another years, a new generation of “free”, modernized by trans humanists, slaves, who consider their close relatives to have raised their faithful servants, “masters of truth”, to come to the surface to perform the Renaissance program. And among them there will definitely be his Raphael, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and even Hieronymus Bosch, who will depict not only the outlandish creations of genetic engineering on his famous triptych, but also the equipment of the scientific laboratory, including yourself a lot of recognizable modern instrument engineers.

New cities and new countries, new kings and princesses will appear in the new world. Much will change, and only the beneficiaries of the apocalypse will remain the same.

Having inherited the wealth from all previous civilizations, they will invariably re-launch and debug the mechanisms of control over humanity. They will earn as before the systems of “enlightenment” and finance, factories and factories will be built, and new beggars will again enrich the rich with their work, and these in turn will form new “elites” who will continue to organize wars and fight for peace dominance.

And the “masters of the truth”, as always, comfortably settled, will be watched from the side, as the system recreated by them, sucks the life out of a new, unsuspecting civilization.

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