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Ground-borne buildings

Another collection of photographs of excavations in various parts of the world, provided by by_enigma

Excavations in the area of ​​the republic. Yerevan, Armenia

If these are basements of ancient houses, why were they destroyed to the ground? Why in their place did not begin to build new houses, and the basements were on the square?

Zivilstadt Wien, Austria. Also the remains of buildings on the square

Bolgania Herakleia Sintica

Remains of buildings in the hillside

Under the arch is a man in full growth.

Germany. Wernigerode

Also basements in the town square

Altes Rathaus, Berlin

A similar example of something ancient in the square

Links for excavation:

Mannheim Germany

I don’t think it was all destroyed during World War II.

Although there is no information about the excavations, but I think that this is something more ancient

Heilbronn. Germany

Schwäbisch Hall. Germany

Stralsund. Germany

Links to excavations in German cities:


Also spelled Keezhadi, this is a small village near Silaiman on the border between Madurai and Shivaganga in southern India

Obviously, it is not brought by a flood or a hurricane wind with sand and dust. Otherwise, this stack of dishes could not stand and toppled over.

Clay dust falling out of space? By the way, this version is supported by my fellow countryman: Gennady Dmitrievich Kovalenko – associate professor of SibSAU. The one who first showed to the public

And he has his own research on this topic. In short: at certain periods, the solar system crosses the dense dust clouds in our galaxy.

Night comes for a very long period, people go underground.


Pataliputra, the capital of the empires of Nandas, Mauryev, Shungov and Gupta

Excavations at Gran Dolina, Atapuerca. Spain


Well, how many times has Moscow been covered with soil?

In the foundations of buildings something more ancient

At the expense of cultural layers in Moscow, there is such a joke:

Since everything is once again all gathered together, let everyone make the conclusions himself.

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