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Notebooks Soviet students

Until the mid-1970s, calligraphy was taught in Soviet schools. Up to 68, schoolchildren were taught to write with a pen, and after the pen they replaced a ball-point pen. Although the subject itself was still in the program, but it was no longer that.

Beautiful handwriting depends not only on the student, but also on the pen, which he writes.

Writing beautifully with ball pens is very difficult, they quickly slide. The worst thing is helium pens, moreover, helium pens badly spoil the handwriting.

Writing is difficult to write quickly, but it is easier to write beautifully – it gives time to print a letter.

Notebook first grader 1964

Even in those years there was a separate assessment for “diligence”, it stimulated at the same time accuracy, perseverance and patience. Writing such a pen and ink is not so easy, you had to try.

Notebook first grader 1964

Notebooks were also not simple. Factory, in a frequent slanting ruler. For higher grades, the “markup” was less common, and from the fourth class, notebooks were used in the “ruler”.

Here they are, dear, notebooks in a frequent slanting ruler and taught us to neat beautiful handwriting. Someone wrote better, someone worse, but the letters were even with the same slope.

After all, this is how it was necessary to be a moron, so as not to write at least exactly on such a ruler.

And now? First-graders in notebooks have an oblique oblique per kilometer, they do not see her point-blank.

So write somehow. Notebooks can be found in small oblique, do not be lazy, buy, and teach your future first-graders themselves to write.

There is still time. And do not hope for school, they will not be taught there, they simply won’t have time.

Now a completely different training system. No calligraphy, calligraphy, and even more so!

Absolutely. Learn to write letters and that’s it.

At the end of the first class slip the notebook into a broad line.

Notebook first grader with a blotter in 1964

In fact, as was relatively recently proved by scientists, “calligraphy” – develops the so-called. "Fine motor skills", which in turn – not bad develops gyrus in general.

In general, “evil Stalinism” with its strong-willed “totalitarianism” – persistently tried, from an early age – to make people better.

But subsequent de-Stalinizers gave “freedom” to grow stupid and degrade.

Ink! This is the only way to teach a child to calligraphic handwriting.

For this three

There is a better score


Imagine – for such beauty – a “pair”!

Notebook, pen and blotter

It would seem, why now, in the era of computers and smartphones, you need to learn to write and write beautifully, slowly, with an uncomfortable pen? Much of the school curriculum is not useful in life, but it needs to be passed through itself for development. The more you pump the brain in childhood and adolescence, the better and longer it will serve in the future.

Therefore, there were penmanship, singing, and drawing. The fact that previously only the children of aristocrats received. And for ordinary people only a primitive bill and a letter fell.

This is enough to lumber up from morning to night in the field, be able to count your debt to the usurer and sign.

In the elite educational institutions today, no one has canceled calligraphy, as well as the lessons of music, drawing, singing. Or graduates of these schools will not live in the modern world?

Calligraphy is not for nothing that many peoples have an art. And technology has nothing to do with it.

It turns out that if a new technological revolution is mastered, then there will also be no need to think?

When a student develops new skills, concentration, patience, fine motor skills are very important. With good and extensive basic skills, a person acquires more opportunities for creative activity.

As can be seen – the students who have mastered calligraphy in childhood, built factories on which ignoramuses now earn the opportunity to live.

And yes, the ignorant the dense, the more swaggering.

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