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Reflections on the topic “There are no forests on the ground.”

Good health to all! I read the article. There are no articles and with many I can agree with the Author. But not really. We have not only forgotten how to see, but by and large think.

We have no time, we live clamped in reinforced concrete boxes and carry the cross is necessary.

We believe in the word, what they say, and there is no time to stop and think, and whether they speak. They lie to us every day, white is given for black.

We have no time to raise our heads and look at the sky. We have forgotten how to see air castles and hippopotamuses in the passing skins. We are cut off from nature.

And the most amazing thing is that they themselves are coffin. We are not of this world people.

As for the moon. Much has been written about this and is not news that the moon is an artificial satellite of the earth and that it is hollow. Only the body of the sphere of the Moon is made of titanium, and not of silicon as the author claims.

But what went on camouflage is the soil that scraped along the bottom of the barrel. Moreover, there were three artificial satellites.

So, that scraped almost from the entire area of ​​the continents. Probably not touched where they themselves lived. Judging by the content of the soil delivered from the moon by our moons and in comparison with the soil of the earth.

The most appropriate comment on the question of how the lunar soil differs from the earth:

Yes, nothing. What is earth ground? If you take a sample of the soil in Moscow, it will be the earth ground?

And if you take in Ryazan, or in Kaluga? They will all be different. Moreover, even if soil samples are taken on different banks of the same river, they will be different too.

So which one to take for Earth? Exactly the same situation with the moon.

If you take samples of lunar soil from different places on the surface of the moon, they will also differ. So what to compare with?

Or here’s another thought about scratching the bottom of the barrel: In the lunar soil discovered and investigated:

They make up about 25 percent of all coarse fractions. The main materials of these rocks are plagioclases, pyroxenes, ilmenite and olivine.

Their content in various particles varies noticeably.

Contained in small quantities and are white crystalline grains. A number of researchers consider them to be a continental rock of the Moon, scattered over considerable distances as a result of volcanic activity and meteorite impacts.
Grains of individual minerals, which consist of plagioclase, olivine, pyroxene, ilmenite, i.e., of the basic minerals of basalt rocks. Their number in large fractions is small, but increases with decreasing particle size.

Frozen dropsballs and related formations.

There are glass transparent and opaque balls, pear-shaped and dumbbell-shaped frozen drops of different colors: turbid-white, greenish and yellow-brown, often hollow. Their brilliance is from glass to metal. The largest amounts of them are contained in small fractions.

The process of their formation occurs at temperatures significantly exceeding the melting point of rocks and meteorites. The size of the glass beads is usually less than 20 microns, but there are beads and large sizes.

Their specific weight is 2.6-3.1 grams per cubic centimeter. The refractive index ranges from 1.46 to 1.75.

By weight, they make up 0.01 percent of the weight of the entire soil.

formed as a result of compaction of finely divided regolith material and contain in various proportions all its constituent components, including particles of primary igneous rocks. Some of the breccias have a rounded shape, weak compaction and are easily destroyed by mechanical stress.

A characteristic feature of many breccias is magnetism. Breccias make up 40 percent of the total number of particles.

they are small sintered particles that form very complex, irregular branched forms. Like breccias, they contain all types of particles – regolith components. The number of cakes reaches 15-20 percent of the total number of particles.

They are found practically only in large fractions. 38 The presence of breccias and cakes shows that on the lunar surface, simultaneously with the processes of crushing and grinding rocks, there is a process of reunion of particles.

Glasses, vitrified and slagged
the particles.

More than half of all particles of lunar rocks in different degrees melted or slag from one or more sides. Glasses of dark brown and black tones predominate.

It is found as a bubbly slag-like melting and smooth glazing glazing. This typically lunar reflow can occur only with instantaneous heating of a cold, whole particle.

In addition, there is a glass of volcanic origin (volcanic ash) – brownish coarse-bubbly, through-melted grains with a characteristic conchoidal fracture, which could form a crushing of relatively large masses of melted rock. The total amount of glass of this type is small

As for the Mother Earth itself. Here, too, everything is not straightforward. For example, according to the decrypted Sumerian clay tablets, the earth as the third planet of the solar system did not appear.

But the planet Tiamat is listed.

Which faces Nibiru.

Where there was a planet Tiamat – now an asteroid belt. The shard Ki has shifted and is where the Earth is or Ki is now.

With the displacement, Mars was shifted from orbit. Which was the third in the solar system.

And the last thing about silicon life. If we take into account everything that is written above, it is not known what life was on the fourth planet and what life was on Mars. It is quite possible that on the planet Tiamat there was gigagtism on a large scale both in plant and animal species.

But it’s not a secret that everything consists of atoms and under certain conditions one substance can transfer to another (at a certain temperature and pressure, carbon can be used to make an artificial diamond). Or, when hydrogen is compressed, heating occurs and a subsequent explosion at which atoms of other substances are formed. It is quite possible that as a consequence of a planetary order cataclysm, conditions were created when the hydrocarbon life simply turned into a form of silicon – petrified. Maybe I’m wrong. I wish everyone to think.

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