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Secrets of the great ancient knowledge

During research expeditions around the world, scientists discover evidence of the existence of highly developed ancient civilizations. For example, the ancient Egyptian mercury lamps and transformers, the prototype of the supersonic aircraft of the Incas, the most sophisticated precise technologies in construction and ancient surgical transplants depicted in the ancient collection of engraved stones from Peru, irrefutably prove that these civilizations were not primitive.

Other examples of the most ancient inventions are: the Greek Antikythera mechanism, the Mesopotamian Seleucian vase (the prototype of a modern electric battery), the technological methods of applying a thin metal film on statuettes and other objects. As part of the Anti-Kite mechanism was the most complex combination of thirty different gears.

It was used to calculate the positions of astronomical bodies in the sky. The Baghdad battery (Seleucian vase) consisted of a small jug made of clay with a copper cylinder inserted inside and an iron rod. And the technology of gilding of things, used by ancient artisans, even surpasses the modern quality of similar works.

Where did ancient people come from such knowledge that was thousands of years ahead of their development?

Some of these technologies, mankind even now is not yet able to master and repeat. The ancient Romans existed a method of using ultra-sensitive nanotechnology. For example, the mystery of the jade Lycurgus Cup is still unsolved.

The mysterious artifact changes its shades from green to blood-red, when a bright light beam is passed through it. During the detailed study, it turned out that in the process of making this cup, the ancient artisans used nanotechnology to impregnate the constituent materials of the cup with gold and silver microparticles of just fifty nanometers in size.

On the Earth, until now, there are places where a person’s foot has not yet stepped. For example, the inhabitants of mountain Tibet are sure that only selected people have access to high-mountainous places. Mount Kailash provides irrefutable evidence of this.

The Tibetan Plateau, where it is located, is about five million years old. Incredibly, the age of the mountain itself is much less and amounts to only twenty thousand years. For modern science, this has become an unsolvable mystery; scientists still cannot explain when and how this young mountain peak was formed in ancient Tibet.

The shape of the mountain resembles an artificial regular pyramid and suggests its man-made creation.

Believers of four religions call Kailash the heart of the world and the main axis of the Earth. In their ancient legends the secret of the location of the main entrance to the country of Shambhala is described, which is kept by the majestic sacred mountain peak of Tibet. The mysterious country located in the bowels of the earth, according to the ancient legend is a source of wisdom, keeps the secret of powerful weapons, treasured power and uncountable riches.

Through this sacred entrance one can get into the depths of the Earth where the storehouse of knowledge of all mankind is located, and contains information about previous human civilizations.

An unenlightened person cannot see the legendary country of Shambhala. Only highly spiritual personalities with a developed consciousness and subtle sense of the world will be able to get there. None of the climbing expeditions did not reach the mysterious summit of Kailash for various reasons.

During each attempt of an ascent to the next group, something necessarily happened, either the death of the member of the expedition, the incomprehensible diseases killed the entire group at once, then suddenly all the equipment broke down and deteriorated, and so on. But more often than not, people here simply disappear, leaving no traces.

At an altitude of six thousand meters above sea level during the ascent of the mountain Kailash climbers expects high-altitude valley, whose name is Death Valley. Local yogis come to die here.

Researchers call Kailash still a time machine, in which a person can simply disappear, and at best, in a matter of days, he will be aged for ten years at once for inexplicable reasons. In the Valley of Death there is a stone mirror of time, which is called the mirror of the king of death of Yama in Hinduism.

The height of this smooth mirror reaches eight hundred meters, and nowhere else on the planet is there a stone with such a property of reflecting light as from a mirror.

It is possible that Kailash is on Earth the largest and most active portal to parallel worlds. It forms a single system with other huge extraterrestrial mirror planes capable of transmitting the energy of the pyramids and connecting it with the flows of other energy forces of the universe.

According to legends, ancient civilizations possessed a secret knowledge of movement through time. For this teleportation, they used the geomagnetic zones of the Earth.

Phenomena that occur in such particular places defy the usual explanation with the help of the exact natural sciences, and people usually classify them as mystical.

Many secrets and hides the sixth continent of our planet. One of them is clearly visible in a photograph taken by a satellite from space orbit almost fifty years ago.

The riddle lies in the fact that under the century-old ice in the very center of Antarctica there is a lake of absolutely flat round shape. The width of the lake is fifty kilometers, and the depth is almost one and a half kilometers.

What could it be – an abandoned rocket mine or a giant entrance to the unknown underground world?

There is a fully justified scientific hypothesis that many thousands of years ago, aliens from three planets flew to Earth: Sirius, Tesa and Orion. They created a rapidly progressing human civilization. The archaeological remains of the ancient city of Arkaima in the Urals also testify to the alien theory of the creation of human civilization.

It is clear that modern man still knows very little about his history and impassable places of our planet with new discoveries and interesting finds are still waiting for him. It is possible that one of them will give a completely new impetus to humanity for a breakthrough in the development of fundamentally new technologies.

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