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Nikolai Alexeyevich Alekseev (born December 23, 1977, Moscow) – Russian human rights activist and an activist of the LGBT movement, founder of the human rights project GayRussia.Ru, head of the Moscow Pride.

The aggressiveness and arrogance of not ordinary, but official and public homosexual of Russia, goes off scale. Before Maidan, I met for the first time with such arrogance of a public person and was very surprised. I considered rumors about the aggressiveness of homo as an invention of homophobes until I saw it with my own eyes:

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What quality should a person have to be healthy?

In November, Alexander Kiselev, the founder of the Russian School of Orthopedics, was invited to the contact center Country of Cities (Magnitogorsk). In our opinion, there are many book-thinker-level broadcasters in the Internet environment, and it is very rare to meet a person who is an innovator who shares his unique experience.

Alexander Vladimirovich looks at life as a true master creator, paying attention to many related encompassing processes. As they say in the people – a unique person, unique in everything. What came of it?

See below the attached conversation in two parts (the second will appear later). We hope for a continuation of the ideological dialogue.

Enjoy watching!
(* we apologize in advance for the sound, our technical capabilities are still limited).

Whoever encounters for the first time in the Russian School of Orthopedics, we advise you to watch a small introductory cycle of lectures, after which you will have a clear picture of the physically correct movement in general.

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