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Tea bags are dangerous by fluoride poisoning

Using cheap tea bags can have negative consequences for your health, according to a recent study report. The study of cheap disposable tea bags, which included products of famous brands, showed their glut of fluorides.

Which leads to an excess of the daily consumption of these compounds leading to a high risk of dental and bone diseases.

Experts have already called on manufacturers and the trading network to give correct information on packages of tea (usually, the presence of fluorides is indicated as a positive factor in the nutritional value of teas).

Professors Paul Lynch and Ardhan Mehra, with the participation of graduate student Laura Chen (all from the University of Derby), compared fluoride levels in 38 kinds of teabags. Using ion selective electrode analysis, which allows trace elements to be detected in liquids, they investigated fluoride levels.

To do this, scientists brewed tea bags for 2 minutes, and then calculated the amount of fluoride ingested from four cups of tea per day.

An adult is not recommended to consume more than 3.57 mg. fluorine per day.

However, in the study it was found that the level of fluoride in four cups of tea exceeds the daily rate by 75 -120%. On average, four cheap tea bags contained 6 mg. fluorine.

As noted by scientists, the amount of fluoride in cheap and expensive tea bags have significant differences. The pattern was preserved, both for green and black tea.

At the same time, there was less fluoride in green tea than in black tea.

On average, the difference between cheap and expensive tea bags was 3.3 mg. fluorine per liter (4 brewed package).

The less tea was subjected to industrial processing, the less fluorine it had. Such varieties as oolong (oolong) and puer (pu’er), in which tea is subjected to minimal industrial processing, the amount of fluorine is only 0.7 mg. on 1 liter.

Permanent excess of the recommended consumption of fluoride threatens a bunch of health problems.

Do not forget that, in addition to tea, significant concentrations of fluoride are contained in seafood, some sources of drinking water, toothpaste, etc. The smallest of the evils that are threatened with an excess of this trace element is dental fluorosis – the appearance of white and brown spots on the enamel of the teeth.

This is also the first sign of excessive fluoride intake.

More dangerous consequences – skeletal fluorosis – a disease that causes muscle weakness, gastrointestinal disorders, pain in bones and joints.

Skeleton fluorosis usually occurs when consumed from 10 mg. fluoride in knocks for over 10 years, or 2.5 -5 mg. for 40 years.

Increased fluoride intake is also associated with the risk of osteoporosis, an increased risk of kidney stones (a characteristic disease for people living in areas with drinking water fluoride).

Fluorine affects the development of bone cancer in young people. A 1992 study showed that the risk of osteosarcoma is 6.57 times higher in people who drink fluoride water.

"The mature leaves of the tea plant have the ability to accumulate fluoride," says Laura Chen. “For expensive teas, buds and young leaves are used, while the cheaper tea is, the more mature the leaves are.”

“Although fluoride is one of the most important microelements for health, it is involved in bone growth and prevention of caries, but its excess threatens to have disastrous consequences. People who consume cheap tea in bags, in addition to other sources of fluorine, receive lethal doses of microelement threatening health in the long term. "

The results of the study were published in the Journal of International Food Research (Food Research International).

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