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The mystery of the gold “Black Prince”

The Black Sea is a storehouse of secrets and mysteries. At its bottom dozens of sunken ships rest, which, to this day, store tons of gold from the eyes of the inhabitants.

Why is this?

Despite its insignificant depth – the Black Sea is still quite dangerous in times of storm. Some of its sections are simply impassable for ships.

High waves of the ship throws on the shallows, on underwater boulders, as a result – they die.

In the Middle Ages, dozens of ports were built on the Black Sea coast, which daily took hundreds of ships with various provisions. Of course, as a result of the raging elements, many ships could not reach their destination, and found their abode at the bottom of the sea.

Today, divers are exploring the underwater part of the sea and remain shocked by the number of ships that rest in its depths. Many of the ships were never identified, the underwater explorers could not find out with precision what was transported to them.

But this is not applicable to the “Black Prince”, but scientists were able to find it. This ship of the British fleet sank in 1854, tons of valuables were carried in its holds.

Gold coins, bars, articles of gold and precious metals – that was what was stored on board this vessel. Of course, other data was indicated in the logbook, it was stated here that the “Black Prince” did not forward any values.

This was done because all the data on ships with precious cargoes was transferred to the pirates and they mercilessly plundered and destroyed such ships.

But what is the meaning of the Black Prince? He sank in the coastal waters of Balaclava.

This is a city closed to the inhabitants. Since the twenties of the last century, hundreds of treasure hunters were sent in search of the treasure of the “Black Prince”.

But most importantly, during the Soviet era, a whole scientific expedition tried to unravel the mystery of a sunken ghost ship with untold wealth on board.

The search for treasure is a specific job, a passion that is inherent in many citizens, both Russia and other countries of the world. The treasure search system itself is quite simple – you need to know what and where to look. For a start, it is worth deciding on the object of search.

So, the sunken ships with precious goods – a tasty morsel.

In many marine areas, treasure hunters can go diving and quietly pick up jewels from the bottom one by one. In this case, the value may even be items of old use.

The same vases, bowls, and other household items. But gold and jewels are the ultimate goal of divers.

As for the “Black Prince”, historical records were found indicating that there were six million rubles in gold on board. This is a huge amount that treasure hunters simply could not pass by.

What is most remarkable?

The government of the USSR has become interested in the search for the “Black Prince”. In the fifties of the last century, Russia needed fresh financial investments, the country was plundered and destroyed by the war, so the government seized upon every opportunity to replenish the treasury. But the search for sunken relics is a rather complicated matter.

This is because in the depths of the sea ships lose their identification marks and they are all the same. It happened with the "Black Prince". He was searched for four years.

The Soviet government lost faith that the scientific expedition would achieve a positive result.

It understood more and more that the sea was merciless to the ships and that during the storm the “Black Prince” could be completely destroyed and look for its fragments – it is tantamount to searching for a needle in a haystack. But the search did not stop for a day.

It is worth noting that the process of studying the seabed of the Black Sea allowed us to discover many new things in the underwater world of the Black Sea, forcing the USSR to invest huge amounts of money in the construction of the first bathyscaphe. With his help, and searched for sunken wealth.

All search and reconnaissance works remain classified to this day, it’s only known that they went through several stages, and each of them was crowned with the opening of a new submarine ship. Even when the “Black Prince” was found – it was kept in the strictest confidence, because millions of rubles were found in gold.

Today, an increasing number of historians insist that the situation with the Black Prince is indicative. In fact, a large number of search operations were conducted under the heading "top secret".

Scientists close to the search operation "Black Prince" indicate that in fact the first five-year plan, which was introduced in the territory of the USSR, was realized precisely due to the gold raised from the wreck. Wealth was invested in the construction of new industrial facilities, which to this day delight the eye of the inhabitants, who increase the welfare of the already separated countries.

Significantly, the Japanese treasure hunters were engaged in the search for the “Black Prince” in parallel with the Soviet scientists. They were specifically aimed at a false mark by the Soviet government.

Frequently around such significant and gold-rich objects as the “Black Prince” there is a real war. There are a lot of people who want to grab a good sum.

But in this story, gold went to the government of the USSR.

So, in the history of the "Black Prince" can put an end? Scientists are not yet recommending that they hurry, since there has been no official statement about the found gold from the USSR government.

But the studied materials of the search expedition give confidence that the ship was found, and from its side for several months raised a secret cargo to the surface.

Was it gold? While there are only guesses, which official sources can confirm, but they are silent.

As the waters of the Black Sea are silent, in the depths of which not a hundred secrets are still stored, not raised from the bottom of the Black Sea ships. How can their fate, perhaps, in a short time each of them will be able to tell the contemporaries the history of their era, or enrich their heirs with innumerable wealth.

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