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The traditional religion of Russia before the baptism

On July 28, the baptism of Rus was celebrated in our country. I would like to recall how Patriarch Kirill, in an interview with the channel “Russia”, spoke about our ancestors who lived before baptism:

“Who were the Slavs? They are barbarians, people who speak a strange language, they are second-rate people, they are almost beasts.

So, enlightened men came to them, brought the light of the truth of Christ to them … ”

These words of Cyril reflect the official point of view on the history of Russia, evolved over the centuries and based on the Christian annals. What are alternative sources talking about?

For thousands of years Russia lived according to ancient Vedic laws, which had nothing to do with "barbaric paganism." Until then, until the "enlightened men" came, who became to implant Christianity with "fire and sword."

By the way, the question arises: who exactly acted "with fire and sword" in Russia? Indeed, according to some sources, “enlightened men,” carrying the “light of Christ truth,” then destroyed three-quarters of the population of Russia.

It turns out that numerous armed detachments acted, about which for some reason not a word in the chronicles … And did Jesus testify to such bloodshed and genocide in his own name?

Of course, the primordial faith could not be torn out of the people through violence. And although many formally adopted a new faith, in reality in Russia a dual faith remained very long. Until now, in the prayers of the Old Believers there are the names of the ancient Russian gods and goddesses: Jav, Pravti, Sventovit, Veles, Perun …

But in the 17th century an insidious move was made. The reform of Patriarch Nikon changed not only the formal ceremonial side (baptized with three fingers instead of two, walking around the counter clockwise, etc.), but also the very essence.

All Russian gods were selected counterparts from among the Christian saints, the ancient national holidays combined with Christian (Ivanov day instead of Kupala, Easter instead of Great Day, etc.), and the church itself began to call itself "Russian" and "Orthodox." There was a substitution of concepts.

And what were our ancestors long before the baptism of fire and sword? The Russian people have always been distinguished by great spirituality, connection with the Gods (with the Higher World).

Oleg Platonov in the book “Russian economy without globalism” concludes that “Russian civilization is one of the oldest spiritual civilizations of the world. Its basic values ​​were formed long before the adoption of Christianity.

The main features of the Russian civilization were the predominance of spiritual and moral priorities, the cult of philanthropy and love of truth, non-attachment, original forms of labor self-government – the community and artel.

In Russia, which stretched across almost all of Eurasia, the Vedic doctrine, based on ethical laws – the very ones that Jesus came to preach to the Jews, dominated Christianity. Jesus came to the Jewish people as the Messiah in the difficult times of the decline of morals, the fascism passion, which can be compared with Satanism.

Jesus Christ spoke of the God of the Jews, "YHWH", as of Satan, accusing the Jews of what they had done to be the only god of the devil himself. The covenants of Jesus didn’t have to be imposed on Russians – they already obeyed them.

Prince Vladimir brought Christianity to Russia, he decided to replace traditional religion with that which would help keep the people in subjection. Of course, the primordial faith could not be torn out of the people through violence.

Resistance to the new faith lasted almost 9 centuries.

Many teachings speak of the Lord Maitreya – the collector of the sixth race of earthlings, the Master of the new age of Aquarius. Someone may consider this information something exotic, oriental, alien to our culture. But, as we have already understood, the knowledge preserved in the East is the Vedic principles of our common ancestors.

Moreover, Maitreya is known not only in India and China, the ancient Iranians and Armenians knew him under the name of Mithras (the god of the Sun, heavenly light and justice). Maitreya (Skt. "Loving, benevolent") – "Lord, named Compassion."

Maitreya is consonant with the Russian "matter", "mother" and even "matryoshka" – which, as we know, is not just a child’s toy, but a symbol of the universe. Therefore, Maitreya is no stranger to the Russians, but, on the contrary, all the indigenous peoples of Russia are inseparably connected with Lord Maitreya historically and genetically.

The teaching of Maitreya is the teaching of the Mother of the World, the triumph of the feminine, creative, giving rise to energies, which are replacing the male, rational type of social management.

I would like to note that we do not assure everyone that we write in our articles. We only analyze alternative sources, we quote them.

And conclusions to do already you, our dear readers.

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