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War of the Worlds 1812

Another in-depth and factual analysis from Sergey Ignatenko about the war with Napoleon 1812 And in his investigation, Sergey no longer hints, but makes it clear that there is a war with whom! This video is the clearest confirmation of my (yes, and other interested ones – the same) beliefs that Napoleon acted in association with the St. Petersburg Romanovs.

And the goal was not Russia, but Muscovy (Moscow Tartary), which still existed at the beginning of the 19th century!

Who did Napoleon fight with? Why was the uniform of the army of Alexander I very similar to the Great Napoleonic Army? Did Napoleon really lose the war of 1812?

Why did Napoleon go to Moscow when St. Petersburg was the capital? What kind of boyars Napoleon waited at Moscow? This class in Russia has long been gone.

And much more.

Commentary on the video: Napoleon’s Army together with Muscovy (Russia) with its capital in St. Petersburg go to Moscow Tartary, to Moscow. Tartarians defend the city, but they do not do it well. The army of the Russian Muscovy and the Napoleonic Army enter the city.

Capturing it, go to the Volga, to the borders with the Free and Great Tartars. And all this is in the pictures, drawings, medals, it is only necessary to compare everything, as Sergey did.

My modest 5 kopecks in this simply excellent work:

Under the link you will learn that on the eve of the Patriotic War of 1812, the war against the French invaders, the emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte disposes of the Russian fleet at his discretion. Incredible? But such a historical fact really was.

All of this speaks of one thing: Russia, with its capital in St. Petersburg, had no relation to the history of the original Rus at that time. She was not the successor of culture, the whole heritage.

It is like a foothold captured by European dynasties with ruled territories. Holstein-Gottorp-Romanovs (since 1762). The goal is the occupation, the colonization of the eastern lands. That is why some graphs and military leaders were at that time (a little earlier) as Suvorov’s title: "… the count of the Russian Empire with the name of Suvorov-Rymnik (1789) and the Holy Roman Empire (1789) …" Read more

They were in the service in essence of the Western dynasties. And the goal was to colonize the eastern territories, fragments of Tartaria as much as possible.

And Napoleon in 1812 I decided to openly help with this. Not for nothing, the term got accustomed: Napoleonic plans, i.e. ambitious and great.

But was there any escape from Russia? Or was it a systematic withdrawal of troops after a successful campaign, but something happened due to weather conditions? How was it possible to go to Moscow without knowing about the winter temperatures?

Or the military campaign was not planned so long? Or did Alexander I set up Napoleon, in essence giving them their friendship?

Versions and thoughts appear a lot. As usual, after the appearance of answers to some questions, the following appear.

And it would be fair to mention the work of Igor Shkurin with similar conclusions:

There is an opinion that it was Igor who first came to such conclusions in his writings on the Logistics theory of civilization.

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