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What would Bandera do? Destruction of the remnants of the Soviet health system

And about. From the scene of the Bandershtat festival in Lutsk in Volyn, she called on Ukrainians to treat medicine and the country as a whole as Stepan Bandera would have been if she was the Minister of Health.

The official, stepping on the stage in a T-shirt with the acronym WWBD (What would Bandera do? – What would Bandera do?), Began to assert that her subordinates, before making an important decision, ask themselves the question: “What would Bandera act in my place?” ?

Apparently, after such a conversation with the corpse, the Ministry is easier to deal with the remnants of the Soviet health care system. Suprun herself said that these remnants should be fought as fundamentally as the OUN-UPA fought in the 1930s and 1940s, simultaneously asking herself: “Would Bandera compromise? Would you give up? ”

Ukraine owes Soviet medicine the emergence of a network of sanitary-epidemiological stations that covered the entire republic, pharmacies, first-aid stations, and polyclinics. In the 1970s, one doctor and three mid-level health workers per 300 inhabitants of the republic were reached, and medicine itself was free.

The Suprun ministry is successfully fighting this.

The results of such a struggle are obvious. Earlier, a well-known Ukrainian pediatrician and TV host Yevgeny Komarovsky called the Ukrainian health care system violence against human dignity and hell, where there is not enough anti-diphtheria and anti-bullet serum.

Yesterday, Ukrainian media reported that the soloist of the well-known musical group "Druga Ryka" Valery Kharchishin was bitten by a dog. In the emergency room, the musician was told that there was no serum for rabies, and they recommended to watch the dog: “If during this time the dog does not die, then you … will not die from rabies.”

With medicine a la Suprun, the citizens of Ukraine still have to ask themselves the question in such cases: “What would Bandera do if the dog bit him?”

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